Thursday, September 24, 2015

What is this? Week 5?

     Not much happened this week but it was still awesome!!  We had a totally sketchy service project where the lady in charge washed the rags out in the sink (there was literally brown water coming from them). Then she had us clean all the toilets and urinals in the Commedor (cafeteria) with that rag. My y mi companera accidentally overflowed a urinal so we had to clean the floor with the rag. Then the lady has us use the same rag to clean both the mirrors and all the windowsills in the Commedor. Yeah, I know, sketchy. Not sanitary at all. The Elders, for their service project, got to put hooks in curtains to hang them up...haha.
     OKAY THE COOLEST THING EVER HAPPENED!!!!! We were doing a practice teaching activity with another district and we hear this weird buzzing noise. The teacher says "siren seizmatic" and I literally jump out of my chair and yell "EARTHQUAKE!!!" as loud as I can. I didn't mean to jump out of my seat and yell but I just was so excited. The teacher was like, "That is what we don't do" and everyone was laughing. We got to go to the earthquake circles where we are supposedly "safe" but really every earthquake circle is under a giant tree that could fall and smash us...esta bien.
Me y mi companera have been trying to talk to more of the Latinos here. We talked to some Latino Elders for a few minutes and when one of them was leaving he said, practicing his English, "Good to meet you. Hope your Spanish gets better:" Haha, I was laughing so hard after he left. 
     I love the food here! I am not a picky eater though so I like it a lot more than others do. We have meat for lunch and dinner. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day and breakfast is always a little strange so I usually have cereal, toast and fruit. For breakfast they often have tamales or eggs with hot dog chunks. They have one thing that an Elder in my distrito described as, "Soggy doritos". He said it was good...
     Anyway, we played Musical Chairs to practice Spanish and our distrito got so violent!! At one point my companera, Hermana Standring, ended up on the floor and Elder Herzog says, "She's not Standring any more:" Haha! I ended up on the floor too. 
     Okay, TRC was so cool this week. My teacher had us Skype her friend, Alexis, who was trying to decide whether or not to serve a mission. Me and Hermana Standring were able to share our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and missions. For those of you who are trying to decide whether or not to serve a mission I will tell you that it is the best decision you will make. In the words of Elder Holland, "Everything good that happened in my life came because of my mission:" I testify that you will never regret choosing to serve a mission. But I also say that nobody can tell you to serve a mission. You have to make the choice yourself with much prayer and scripture reading. 
     I love being here and teaching people about their loving Heavenly Father. Everybody in the world needs to know that they have a loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers their prayers. I know this is true because as I am teaching people I feel a little of the great love Heavenly Father has for me. When I was teaching Alexis in TRC, even though I didn't know her and even though it was over Skype, I felt such love for her and I was able to speak more Spanish to her than I even know. I know that Heavenly Father is helping me to spread His gospel and is helping me to speak Spanish. I love the gospel and I love Spanish!!! 

I love you all!    
Hermana Eaves

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hello everyone!
Okay, lets start with some things that have gone on here in el CCM this week! Sutton, the Elder that reminds me of you told us all this week that if you stack two pieces of pizza on top of each other and eat them like that then you only get the calories of one slice because it tricks your body into thinking you only are eating one slice of pizza, haha! 
     Anyway, during class we were playing ninja and I got one of the Hermana's hands and she accidentally spun around and slapped me in the face. It was so so funny! 
     Our teacher, Hermano Palma, quoted Justin Bieber with his Spanish accent, "Neber say neber!"
     One of the Elders in my district said this to me, "If you are from Arizona, why are you so white?" Hahaha! I was dying laughing!
This is how Spanish is going for me:
One of the Elders got a little excited and did a hip thrust in the front of the class. 
Elder H, "Poor Hermana Eaves will never un-see that."
Me (trying to speak Spanish) "My hombres are worse."
Translation: My men are worse.
OOPS Meant to say, "My brothers are worse." It was pretty funny though. 

There have been so many cool experiences here at el CCM! GUESS WHAT?? We got to watch the Cultural Celebration and Mexico City Temple dedication (they were broadcast to el CCM). It was so so cool! Today we went to the Visitors Center at the Temple (there was too many of us to do a session). It was the COOLEST visitors center! There were tons of interactive displays and rooms! It was AMAZING! I would say that it even tops the Mesa Temple Visitors center.

To get to the temple, though, we were on this big stick-shift bus driving through Mexico city for 30 minutes. That was exciting! I found out that in Mexico the "Alto" (Stop) signs are just to decorate the street, nobody actually stops (or even slows down) for them. Also, street lights are more of a suggestion. If there are not too many cars barreling towards you then you can just ignore the red light and go straight through. The best was when the lanes switched so we were driving on the left side of the road for a little while. It was so much fun! 
Literally, the traffic is crazy. This was the view out the bus windshield. 
The car pulled in front of us as we were speeding down the road. It's all good though... 
Mom, be happy you are now the proud owner of a shopping cart! Just look at what they are capable of!! (On the way to the temple I took this picture)
I got a little pot in Mexico. Haha! Sounds iffy, doesn't it. Really though, it was filled with this 
nasty Mexican candy. Literally so gross. I tried it twice, thinking it would be better the 
second time but wasn't. Mexican candy is weird...
Hermanas in my District.
The little girl at the temple (Oh, forgot to tell you-we met a little girl at the temple. 
She knows way more Spanish than we do!! Ha! She was so cute and kept showing us her 
pretty rings, her hat and her little Barbie doll. I think I said "Muy bonita" like 15 times).

At the temple. I think these are Elder Herzog's selfies that me and Hermana Standring photobombed.
     Anyway, I have been learning so much here at el CCM! More  than anything I have come to understand just how amazingly blessed I am to be a missionary!! I love teaching people about Christ and how they can have lasting peace in their lives! I love telling people that they can be sealed to their families for ETERNITY!! Isn't that so amazing!! I am so glad I can be with my family forever, even after this life! We have two "investigators" that we are teaching right now-both of them are our teachers. It is so cool to come to love them!
     Okay, in TRC this week (practice teaching with real church members in Mexico) there was a lady. Okay, I watched the Elders teaching here (there is a security camera in the room so we can watch and give the Elders feedback) and as I was watching I just felt such love for her. It was so crazy because I wasn't even in the room and I really, truly felt LOVE for this stranger. The craziest thing was that after the Elders were done, my teacher had us teach the lady!! It was such a neat experience!! I felt the Spirit testifying that this woman that me and my companion were teaching was a child of God who loved her! It was truly an incredible thing! I know that this work is true and I absolutely love it!
     We watched a talk by Elder Bednar called, "Character of Christ". SO GOOD! If you have the chance, read it!
El Evangelio es la verdad iglesia en el mundo. Yo se que Jesucristo es el Salvador y el Redentor del todos los personas. Yo se que mi familia pueden somos juntos para siempre. Te amo ustedes! En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 2

Okay, I wrote down a lot of stuff so this email will be good! Here in Mexico there are parrots in the trees! It is so cool! They are green and squawk all the time! We also have these "Earthquake circles" that are green and usually under big trees (it is Mexico, this is their best try). When there is an earthquake we are supposed to run to the circles and stand in them (yes, under the big trees too). So far we have not been lucky enough to have an earthquake though...    

Me and Hermana Standring tried to walk around the wall of el CCM. 

We did not even get halfway!

    For our P-day service we had to clean the bathrooms (girls and boys) in the Commedor. The girls in my district were gagging when we went into the Elders bathrooms and had to unclog a couple toilets. It was pretty fun though...I guess working at the Nursing home desensitized me to this kind of stuff. Haha!
     Okay, Sutton, there is an Elder here named Elder Harmer and he totally reminds me of you. His hair is a little bit fluffy (at least until he got it cut) and he is so sarcastic. The other day he said "How do you say 'Drop it like it's hot' in Spanish?" and I was dying because I can totally see you doing something like that. He also keeps a piece of paper with his email on it in his pocket in case any girls ask for it, hahaha! 

My teacher, Hermano Palma
 (we thought his shirt was HILARIOUS because we only see him in a shirt and tie)
My district with Hermano Palma
Elder Harmer with my teacher 
(my teacher, Hermano Palma, had to stand on a bench to be the same height as him, haha)

We did a thing called TRC yesterday. It is where we will go and teach two church members from Mexico City a short message in Spanish. Our first person was a 16 year old boy (I am almost positive that his parents dragged him to TRC). I don't think he understood a word we said. In the middle of our lesson he smashed a mosquito with his fingers, looked at it for a second and dropped it on the ground. My companion and I could not keep from laughing. We were dying!! There was also a video camera in the room and our district leader was watching us. He did not see the mosquito incident and told us we should not laugh so much, haha! I thought it was so funny though. That kid was so bored and I am sure our Spanish was awful! 
     In one of our lessons, Hermana Standring gave our investigator a scripture to read, Moroni 9:4-5. He starts reading in Spanish so we honestly have no idea what he is saying. Hermana Standring opens up her English scriptures and is like, "Whoah, lo siento, wrong scripture!" We then directed him to Moroni 10:4-5. VERY different meanings. 
     Remember in Nacho Libre when the nun lady says, "My favorite animal is poopies." Well a teacher, totally being serious, said that the other day. He called them, "Poopies" and we were all laughing so hard. 
     Anyway, that is all. We play volleyball everyday and it is super fun! We have a district volleyball game planned for today! 
     El CCM is so amazing! I love it here! I love teaching people that their families can be together forever. We had a really cool experience where I pretended to be an investigator using the profile of someone I know. It was so cool!
The hermanas in my districts- Hermana Standring, me, Hermana Goff and Hermana Call. 
Hermana Goff and Call are going to Bolivia Cochabamba with me!

  Anyway, stay safe! I love you all and hope you have a great week! The gospel is true and blesses so many lives! I am so grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary! Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y Redentor. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen!
Hermana Eaves

PS We have a MAIN classroom and I totaled up the hours we have spent in that room over the last 15 days and the grand total is 88 hours in that classroom! Crazy!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hola from el CCM!!!!

Buenos dias!! 
     Just to let everyone know, el CCM is the MTC here in Mexico. It is pronounced (say-say-emmay) CCM. I love it here!! 
GUESS WHAT!?!? The first day my group arrived a bit early. We were sitting in an orientation meeting and a teacher runs in and says, "Who wants to meet Elder Christofferson?" We all jumped up and ran outside where we were able to shake his hand and tell him where we were going on our missions. Apparently, he had just given a devotional that day and was leaving but wanted to meet the new missionaries. So we got to meet him!!! 

My companion did not arrive until about 9:30 PM so I was sort of lost the first day but she finally arrived (she came all the way from Northern Cali so her flight arrived late). Her name is Hermana Standring and she is awesome! She has 6 brother!! Crazy, huh? 
Okay, so at el CCM we live in Casas. Each casa has 5 bedrooms (4 beds each), a laundry room, an empty kitchen, one bathroom per bedroom and living room. It is bigger than my apartment at college. My y Hermana Standring have a room all to ourselves (two beds are empty). It is really nice. My district has 6 elders and 2 other sisters. 
Okay, Espanol is pretty cool. We are going to teach lesson numero 5 with our investigator (an actor-if they gave us a real investigator they probably would not understand what was going on, haha) and she commited to baptism!! Our Spanish probably translated to "Baptism you wanted similar Jesus" but esta bien, she got it. Okay, our branch presidency here are just as hard to understand when they speak Spanish as when they speak English because they have such heavy accents. 
     El Commedor has mucho bien comida!! Lots of good food!! Some of the stuff is weird, like flaky bread stuff filled with spicy meat for breakfast. Haha! They also have this NASTY carbonated peanut soda...seriously, it is so gross. But the food is delicious (mom, I can have fresh fruit and salad with every meal, esta bien). 
     Okay, BOYSE family. I met an elder here, Elder Johns, he has red hair and said he played volleyball with Colton at Campo. He says he is in your ward. It was cool!
    The weather here is winter in AZ! It is so nice to be outside!! It has rained the last two days, mucho mucho rain!! Um...we actually spend pretty much 10 hours  a day in class here. It is actually fun to study lots. 
     Singing hymns in Spanish es no bueno!! Our pronunciation is off and sometimes the words are off. My district is supposed to do a musical number in sacrament meeting this Sunday too, so we will see how that goes. 
     You can send mail to el CCM using the address on my blog. Sometimes the Mexican post cuts open envelopes for fun though so do not send anything valuable. (I do not know why they open them. maybe they practice their English by reading them). Haha! 
     We are surrounded by mountains and on the mountains houses are stacked like building blocks. It is really cool! 
     Mexico City likes to fiesta ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT SATURDAY! They had a huge fiesta complete with a mariachi band, gunshots and drunk men singing karaoke...but it is all good because we are surrounded by a 20 foot fence. Haha! Literally, el CCM would look like a Prison Camp if it was not so beautiful and awesome!
 Hopefully you get the pics I send!! I do not know what to say except that I am slowly forgetting English and learning SPANGLISH! I cannot even spell anymore. Plus I cannot find the apostrophe key on this keyboard so I am not using any contractions, haha! Love you all!

Yo se Jesucristo es mi Salvador y mi Redentor. Yo se que la iglesia es verdadero! En el nombre de Jesucristo, AMEN!
Hermana Eaves