Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hello everyone!
Okay, lets start with some things that have gone on here in el CCM this week! Sutton, the Elder that reminds me of you told us all this week that if you stack two pieces of pizza on top of each other and eat them like that then you only get the calories of one slice because it tricks your body into thinking you only are eating one slice of pizza, haha! 
     Anyway, during class we were playing ninja and I got one of the Hermana's hands and she accidentally spun around and slapped me in the face. It was so so funny! 
     Our teacher, Hermano Palma, quoted Justin Bieber with his Spanish accent, "Neber say neber!"
     One of the Elders in my district said this to me, "If you are from Arizona, why are you so white?" Hahaha! I was dying laughing!
This is how Spanish is going for me:
One of the Elders got a little excited and did a hip thrust in the front of the class. 
Elder H, "Poor Hermana Eaves will never un-see that."
Me (trying to speak Spanish) "My hombres are worse."
Translation: My men are worse.
OOPS Meant to say, "My brothers are worse." It was pretty funny though. 

There have been so many cool experiences here at el CCM! GUESS WHAT?? We got to watch the Cultural Celebration and Mexico City Temple dedication (they were broadcast to el CCM). It was so so cool! Today we went to the Visitors Center at the Temple (there was too many of us to do a session). It was the COOLEST visitors center! There were tons of interactive displays and rooms! It was AMAZING! I would say that it even tops the Mesa Temple Visitors center.

To get to the temple, though, we were on this big stick-shift bus driving through Mexico city for 30 minutes. That was exciting! I found out that in Mexico the "Alto" (Stop) signs are just to decorate the street, nobody actually stops (or even slows down) for them. Also, street lights are more of a suggestion. If there are not too many cars barreling towards you then you can just ignore the red light and go straight through. The best was when the lanes switched so we were driving on the left side of the road for a little while. It was so much fun! 
Literally, the traffic is crazy. This was the view out the bus windshield. 
The car pulled in front of us as we were speeding down the road. It's all good though... 
Mom, be happy you are now the proud owner of a shopping cart! Just look at what they are capable of!! (On the way to the temple I took this picture)
I got a little pot in Mexico. Haha! Sounds iffy, doesn't it. Really though, it was filled with this 
nasty Mexican candy. Literally so gross. I tried it twice, thinking it would be better the 
second time but wasn't. Mexican candy is weird...
Hermanas in my District.
The little girl at the temple (Oh, forgot to tell you-we met a little girl at the temple. 
She knows way more Spanish than we do!! Ha! She was so cute and kept showing us her 
pretty rings, her hat and her little Barbie doll. I think I said "Muy bonita" like 15 times).

At the temple. I think these are Elder Herzog's selfies that me and Hermana Standring photobombed.
     Anyway, I have been learning so much here at el CCM! More  than anything I have come to understand just how amazingly blessed I am to be a missionary!! I love teaching people about Christ and how they can have lasting peace in their lives! I love telling people that they can be sealed to their families for ETERNITY!! Isn't that so amazing!! I am so glad I can be with my family forever, even after this life! We have two "investigators" that we are teaching right now-both of them are our teachers. It is so cool to come to love them!
     Okay, in TRC this week (practice teaching with real church members in Mexico) there was a lady. Okay, I watched the Elders teaching here (there is a security camera in the room so we can watch and give the Elders feedback) and as I was watching I just felt such love for her. It was so crazy because I wasn't even in the room and I really, truly felt LOVE for this stranger. The craziest thing was that after the Elders were done, my teacher had us teach the lady!! It was such a neat experience!! I felt the Spirit testifying that this woman that me and my companion were teaching was a child of God who loved her! It was truly an incredible thing! I know that this work is true and I absolutely love it!
     We watched a talk by Elder Bednar called, "Character of Christ". SO GOOD! If you have the chance, read it!
El Evangelio es la verdad iglesia en el mundo. Yo se que Jesucristo es el Salvador y el Redentor del todos los personas. Yo se que mi familia pueden somos juntos para siempre. Te amo ustedes! En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

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