Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hola from el CCM!!!!

Buenos dias!! 
     Just to let everyone know, el CCM is the MTC here in Mexico. It is pronounced (say-say-emmay) CCM. I love it here!! 
GUESS WHAT!?!? The first day my group arrived a bit early. We were sitting in an orientation meeting and a teacher runs in and says, "Who wants to meet Elder Christofferson?" We all jumped up and ran outside where we were able to shake his hand and tell him where we were going on our missions. Apparently, he had just given a devotional that day and was leaving but wanted to meet the new missionaries. So we got to meet him!!! 

My companion did not arrive until about 9:30 PM so I was sort of lost the first day but she finally arrived (she came all the way from Northern Cali so her flight arrived late). Her name is Hermana Standring and she is awesome! She has 6 brother!! Crazy, huh? 
Okay, so at el CCM we live in Casas. Each casa has 5 bedrooms (4 beds each), a laundry room, an empty kitchen, one bathroom per bedroom and living room. It is bigger than my apartment at college. My y Hermana Standring have a room all to ourselves (two beds are empty). It is really nice. My district has 6 elders and 2 other sisters. 
Okay, Espanol is pretty cool. We are going to teach lesson numero 5 with our investigator (an actor-if they gave us a real investigator they probably would not understand what was going on, haha) and she commited to baptism!! Our Spanish probably translated to "Baptism you wanted similar Jesus" but esta bien, she got it. Okay, our branch presidency here are just as hard to understand when they speak Spanish as when they speak English because they have such heavy accents. 
     El Commedor has mucho bien comida!! Lots of good food!! Some of the stuff is weird, like flaky bread stuff filled with spicy meat for breakfast. Haha! They also have this NASTY carbonated peanut soda...seriously, it is so gross. But the food is delicious (mom, I can have fresh fruit and salad with every meal, esta bien). 
     Okay, BOYSE family. I met an elder here, Elder Johns, he has red hair and said he played volleyball with Colton at Campo. He says he is in your ward. It was cool!
    The weather here is winter in AZ! It is so nice to be outside!! It has rained the last two days, mucho mucho rain!! Um...we actually spend pretty much 10 hours  a day in class here. It is actually fun to study lots. 
     Singing hymns in Spanish es no bueno!! Our pronunciation is off and sometimes the words are off. My district is supposed to do a musical number in sacrament meeting this Sunday too, so we will see how that goes. 
     You can send mail to el CCM using the address on my blog. Sometimes the Mexican post cuts open envelopes for fun though so do not send anything valuable. (I do not know why they open them. maybe they practice their English by reading them). Haha! 
     We are surrounded by mountains and on the mountains houses are stacked like building blocks. It is really cool! 
     Mexico City likes to fiesta ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT SATURDAY! They had a huge fiesta complete with a mariachi band, gunshots and drunk men singing karaoke...but it is all good because we are surrounded by a 20 foot fence. Haha! Literally, el CCM would look like a Prison Camp if it was not so beautiful and awesome!
 Hopefully you get the pics I send!! I do not know what to say except that I am slowly forgetting English and learning SPANGLISH! I cannot even spell anymore. Plus I cannot find the apostrophe key on this keyboard so I am not using any contractions, haha! Love you all!

Yo se Jesucristo es mi Salvador y mi Redentor. Yo se que la iglesia es verdadero! En el nombre de Jesucristo, AMEN!
Hermana Eaves

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