Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 2

Okay, I wrote down a lot of stuff so this email will be good! Here in Mexico there are parrots in the trees! It is so cool! They are green and squawk all the time! We also have these "Earthquake circles" that are green and usually under big trees (it is Mexico, this is their best try). When there is an earthquake we are supposed to run to the circles and stand in them (yes, under the big trees too). So far we have not been lucky enough to have an earthquake though...    

Me and Hermana Standring tried to walk around the wall of el CCM. 

We did not even get halfway!

    For our P-day service we had to clean the bathrooms (girls and boys) in the Commedor. The girls in my district were gagging when we went into the Elders bathrooms and had to unclog a couple toilets. It was pretty fun though...I guess working at the Nursing home desensitized me to this kind of stuff. Haha!
     Okay, Sutton, there is an Elder here named Elder Harmer and he totally reminds me of you. His hair is a little bit fluffy (at least until he got it cut) and he is so sarcastic. The other day he said "How do you say 'Drop it like it's hot' in Spanish?" and I was dying because I can totally see you doing something like that. He also keeps a piece of paper with his email on it in his pocket in case any girls ask for it, hahaha! 

My teacher, Hermano Palma
 (we thought his shirt was HILARIOUS because we only see him in a shirt and tie)
My district with Hermano Palma
Elder Harmer with my teacher 
(my teacher, Hermano Palma, had to stand on a bench to be the same height as him, haha)

We did a thing called TRC yesterday. It is where we will go and teach two church members from Mexico City a short message in Spanish. Our first person was a 16 year old boy (I am almost positive that his parents dragged him to TRC). I don't think he understood a word we said. In the middle of our lesson he smashed a mosquito with his fingers, looked at it for a second and dropped it on the ground. My companion and I could not keep from laughing. We were dying!! There was also a video camera in the room and our district leader was watching us. He did not see the mosquito incident and told us we should not laugh so much, haha! I thought it was so funny though. That kid was so bored and I am sure our Spanish was awful! 
     In one of our lessons, Hermana Standring gave our investigator a scripture to read, Moroni 9:4-5. He starts reading in Spanish so we honestly have no idea what he is saying. Hermana Standring opens up her English scriptures and is like, "Whoah, lo siento, wrong scripture!" We then directed him to Moroni 10:4-5. VERY different meanings. 
     Remember in Nacho Libre when the nun lady says, "My favorite animal is poopies." Well a teacher, totally being serious, said that the other day. He called them, "Poopies" and we were all laughing so hard. 
     Anyway, that is all. We play volleyball everyday and it is super fun! We have a district volleyball game planned for today! 
     El CCM is so amazing! I love it here! I love teaching people that their families can be together forever. We had a really cool experience where I pretended to be an investigator using the profile of someone I know. It was so cool!
The hermanas in my districts- Hermana Standring, me, Hermana Goff and Hermana Call. 
Hermana Goff and Call are going to Bolivia Cochabamba with me!

  Anyway, stay safe! I love you all and hope you have a great week! The gospel is true and blesses so many lives! I am so grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary! Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y Redentor. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen!
Hermana Eaves

PS We have a MAIN classroom and I totaled up the hours we have spent in that room over the last 15 days and the grand total is 88 hours in that classroom! Crazy!!

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