Thursday, September 24, 2015

What is this? Week 5?

     Not much happened this week but it was still awesome!!  We had a totally sketchy service project where the lady in charge washed the rags out in the sink (there was literally brown water coming from them). Then she had us clean all the toilets and urinals in the Commedor (cafeteria) with that rag. My y mi companera accidentally overflowed a urinal so we had to clean the floor with the rag. Then the lady has us use the same rag to clean both the mirrors and all the windowsills in the Commedor. Yeah, I know, sketchy. Not sanitary at all. The Elders, for their service project, got to put hooks in curtains to hang them up...haha.
     OKAY THE COOLEST THING EVER HAPPENED!!!!! We were doing a practice teaching activity with another district and we hear this weird buzzing noise. The teacher says "siren seizmatic" and I literally jump out of my chair and yell "EARTHQUAKE!!!" as loud as I can. I didn't mean to jump out of my seat and yell but I just was so excited. The teacher was like, "That is what we don't do" and everyone was laughing. We got to go to the earthquake circles where we are supposedly "safe" but really every earthquake circle is under a giant tree that could fall and smash us...esta bien.
Me y mi companera have been trying to talk to more of the Latinos here. We talked to some Latino Elders for a few minutes and when one of them was leaving he said, practicing his English, "Good to meet you. Hope your Spanish gets better:" Haha, I was laughing so hard after he left. 
     I love the food here! I am not a picky eater though so I like it a lot more than others do. We have meat for lunch and dinner. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day and breakfast is always a little strange so I usually have cereal, toast and fruit. For breakfast they often have tamales or eggs with hot dog chunks. They have one thing that an Elder in my distrito described as, "Soggy doritos". He said it was good...
     Anyway, we played Musical Chairs to practice Spanish and our distrito got so violent!! At one point my companera, Hermana Standring, ended up on the floor and Elder Herzog says, "She's not Standring any more:" Haha! I ended up on the floor too. 
     Okay, TRC was so cool this week. My teacher had us Skype her friend, Alexis, who was trying to decide whether or not to serve a mission. Me and Hermana Standring were able to share our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and missions. For those of you who are trying to decide whether or not to serve a mission I will tell you that it is the best decision you will make. In the words of Elder Holland, "Everything good that happened in my life came because of my mission:" I testify that you will never regret choosing to serve a mission. But I also say that nobody can tell you to serve a mission. You have to make the choice yourself with much prayer and scripture reading. 
     I love being here and teaching people about their loving Heavenly Father. Everybody in the world needs to know that they have a loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers their prayers. I know this is true because as I am teaching people I feel a little of the great love Heavenly Father has for me. When I was teaching Alexis in TRC, even though I didn't know her and even though it was over Skype, I felt such love for her and I was able to speak more Spanish to her than I even know. I know that Heavenly Father is helping me to spread His gospel and is helping me to speak Spanish. I love the gospel and I love Spanish!!! 

I love you all!    
Hermana Eaves

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