Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hola Everyone!

First of all, I am doing great!!! I got to wash all my clothes by hand today and did some service with my companion where we helped someone wash their clothes. It is actually really fun!! I love it! We will see if I still love it in 18 months though, haha!

Also, none of the latinos can pronounce my name so they made up a bunch of nicknames for me. Ebes, Sepes, Papitz, goes on and on.
  Their stoplights count down here!! I wish we had that in America!!!! Red light has 22 seconds, Yellow has 3 and Green has 25 secs. It is so cool!!!

Plus we had a HUGE meal the other day!!!! Two eggs, a huge slab of meat, a ton of rice and french fries (by the way, we are not having french fries for at least 3 months after I get home ) Haha! Just when I choked down the last bite and thought I was done, our pensionista brought out a big cup of jello and a yogurt. Ha! I was so full! I could barely make it up the hills! After that we had a sita with someone and she gave us lemonade but we were so full so when she left the room we poured it back in the pitcher and when she came back pretended to drink from our empty cups while trying not to laugh.
    The climate here is everchanging! The other day it was so cold that I needed leggings and a scarf! Then it is so hot that I need sunscreen! We had a service project the other day and I put on sunscreen twice AND was wearing a hat but I still got sunburned!!
I had intercambios, which I think are exchanges in English and I went to a super windy are
a for a falda (skirt) was having issues with the wind. I think I flashed at least three people. Haha! At one point I was trying to introduce myself to someone in Spanish while frantically trying to hold down my skirt. It was pretty funny.
   Anyway, I think it is so great to teach people! My spanish is coming along and I cannot wait for the day in which I can communicate efficiently enough to help the people come unto Christ. I know that the Lord helps His missionionaries! I have come to love personal study in the mornings, especially the church magazines. I found a few in English in our appt and have been reading them. I have also been studying the Book of Mormon. A great chapter for you all is Ether 12. It is so amazing and I know that everyone, whether they are LDS or not, can benefit from it. I know that this church is true and I am so happy and honored to have the opportunity to wear the name of the Savior over my heart. I love wearing my nametag so much that I put it on when I am in pjs and I accidentally fell asleep with it on once. Ha! Anyway, I love you all! Stay strong, Satan wants you to fail! He is working so hard to get you to fail! Don't let him win!! I know it is hard but with the Lord on our side we cannot fail!!

Hermana Eaves

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