Thursday, October 1, 2015

What?? Last week en el CCM!!!‏

WOW, so much has happened this week. Guess what?? We got our travel plans!!! I will be leaving the CCM at 11:30 AM this Monday, Oct 5. We have a 5 hour flight to Lima, Peru. Two hour layover. Three hour flight to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. FIVE HOUR LAYOVER. What am I going to do during a 5 hour layover. Haha! Then a 45 minute flight to Cochabamba. I will finally arrive at 7:45 AM. Anyway, that was really cool. I am not really that nervous to get into the field. I am so excited to teach and help REAL people, not just our teachers pretending to be investigators. I am also so excited to speak Spanish ALL day, EVERY day. I still sound like a total gringa when I talk but I am excited. 
     We had two real earthquakes in ONE day!!! Well, the first time was in the middle of the night so I did not even hear the siren...the second time was during almuerza. We were just eating and the earthquake siren went off. So I grabbed my bowl of grapes(yes, they have GRAPES's like I'm in heaven) and went to stand in the circle. We couldn't feel the ground shaking or anything but it was still really cool. 
     Oh, we taught our teacher, Hermano Palma, new American words. "homeslice," "Poser" (which is the favorite word of one of the Elders in my district), "baller" "guys" "see ya later alligator" and "swag". He sometimes will walk into the classroom and say, "What's up homeslice?" Ha! It is great!
     We had a devotional where the speaker spoke in Spanish and another guy interpreted. Sometimes the speaker would switch to English and the interpreter would have to switch to Spanish. I think the speaker actually spoke better English than the interpreter. It was hard to understand him when they kept switching back and forth. But it was entertaining. 
     Oh, the Elders in our district...sometimes you look at them and think, wow, these are great missionaries. Then they shave spirals in their leg hair and you remember that they are 18 year old boys...haha. 
     Anyway, during TRC yesterday we taught one man. At the end he wanted us to sing a hymn so we pull out our Spanish hymnbooks and start looking for a hymn. He was like, "No, in Inlges". We were relieved to hear that until we realized that we are forgetting a lot of the hymns in Ingles. So we sang, "As Sisters in Zion". Yup, that was fun. 
     There have been so many cool experiences here. I am going to miss the CCM so much. It is so pretty and the weather is actually like Arizona winters. So it is pretty chilly. 
We went to the Temple today. It was so crazy to do a session in Spanish!! They gave us headsets though that translated for us. I will send some pictures from that!

 It has been a great last week! I can't believe I have already been here a month! Time is going to pass so fast!! Anyway, I love you all!
Don't ever forget that you have a loving Father in Heaven who knows who you are. So many people in the world do not know that they are loved and they are special so do not ever take that for granted! Be kind to everyone! I am so thankful for the chance I have to teach people about who they are and that they can be happy no matter where they are in their lives!! You guys are awesome! Keep on doing great things!!
Hermana Eaves

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