Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week ? Yeah, yo no se....

Hola todos!!!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Bolivia does not have Thanksgiving but we eat potatoes, rice and meat every day so it will feel like Thanksgiving. Hahaha!
Meat, rice, potatoes and their famous onion and tomato salad that makes everyone want to listen to us. :)

We are MELTING here though. Haha, Bolivia is in the middle of summer and there is NO AC to be found so there is no escape from the heat. This week I caved and bought 60 SPF sunscreen because I don't want to come back with skin cancer.
    But everything is great here in Bolivia! I love it!! Oh, this week one of our investigators told me my eyes are blue like the heavens, hahaha. We also gave him dating advice in one of our lessons because he wanted to know what to do if he liked a girl at his school. I told him about asking girls on date. My companion told him to forget the girl, hahahah! 
     So some #onlyinBolivia's for this week:
1. A guy on the back of a motorcycle yelling to me in English "Welcome to Cochabamba!! I hope you have a great time!!" Haha, people shout random English things at me a lot. 
2. We walked by a house and I looked over to see a guy standing in his yard in his underwear using his hose to shower off. Haha, at least Bolivians are clean. 
3. My companion was sick so she had to go get her blood drawn at the clinic (she is good now). But they just stuck the needle in her hand and held a test tube underneath the needle to collect the blood. I was just watching her blood drip into the tube and thinking, "Is this sanitary at all?"
     I went on Intercambios to America in Chochabamba this week. The pensionista there is so funny. We walked past her shower room and she was standing in the shower in all her clothes. She comes out soaking wet-her hair, shirt, skirt. We were trying so hard not to laugh because she acted as if that was completely normal...
     This week my companion used the maps in the back of the Doctrine and Covenants to show me where in Canada she lived. #missionarylife #nointernet  It was pretty cool though.

Helping someone move.
   We rode down the highway in Bolivia in the back of this truck.
We had a great lesson the other day with two young adults. Both were having some problems in their lives and they were a little angry at God. The young man kept asking questions como, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" And stuff like that. When they came in the lesson they acted as if they didn't think that what we had to say could help them. But as we taught them about how people have agency and that through the Expiacion (Atonement) of Jesus Christ they could overcome all the bad stuff that has happened in their lives. They were crying and when they left the lesson their countenances had changed. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ helped those young adults. I know that the gospel can help all who hear it, old, young and in between. I know that the teachings of Jesus Christ bring hope to shattered lives. I know that the Book of Mormon brings peace to all who read it. I know these things because I have felt them and I have seen them happen in the lives of the people I have taught. I am here to bring light to those who are struggling in the darkness and I am so happy to be a missionary. Love you all!!
Hermana Eaves

What's up everyone??‏

So this was my first week in Cochabamba and all I can say is HOT HOT HOT. The sun is muy fuerte here. I just bought some 60 SPF sunscreen because I don't want to come back fried up.

In the back of a trufi with my companera Hermana Padron
 Okay, some people have asked me questions and I want to answer them first:
1. Have you eaten chuno? Yes, I ate it twice in Sucre and it wasn't bad. It was fine. The only thing that makes me gag sometimes is Bolivian cheese (I think it is because it tastes a little like 
2. Have you gotten sick? Nope, both my companeras have been sick but I have been really blessed with my health.
3. Como es Espanol? I love espanol!! I love to speak it and I have actually picked it up really well. I can understand what people are's great.
     Anyway, our new area is way different but the main thing is that trufis are way smaller...and the weather is way hotter...and the cholitas dress a little my companera speaks Ingles. And it is so isn't all hills like Sucre. But yeah, it's chevre.
     First of all, we went into someone's house to teach them a lesson and guess what movie they were watching??? (Dad, be excited) They were watching Journey to the Center of the Earth 2!!!! WHAT?? Don't worry, I averted my eyes even though I was sorely tempted to watch (hahaha).
      Second, fun times in Bolivia. We had a Reunion de Zona on Viernes (FRI) and in the middle of it, a random Bolivian man walks into the chapel and sits in the back. We sort of looked at each other like, uhhh...what is this? But we continued on with the lesson. After a little while, he got up and walked to the front. He then started yelling stuff at us and I realized he was totally drunk. He then walked to the back row where us Hermanas were sitting and stared into my eyes as he held out his hand. I was so scared and the Elders were just watching!! Finally, the zone leader escorted him out of the chapel. Later, my companion and I saw him sleeping on the street. 
     Haha, great times. The only other experience I had with a drunk guy this week was when my companera y yo went to cross the street because the light was green. All of a sudden, a drunk guy starts hitting my companera with a little cardboard thing and saying "VERDE. VERDE" Que en el mundo?? Los borrachos here are crazy. 
     We have a dog in our area that sometimes comes into the chapel when we are having church and all of us have to try and get it out. Haha.
I am now the proud owner of some feo (ugly) Cholito sandals. I found them in the apt and now I wear them around.
   Anyway, I am getting used to my new area. It is good and the coolest thing happened. We were knocking doors one day and a 12 year old answered and she is so nice!! We met with her again one day (her mom works all day) and we gave her a Book of Mormon. She is so nice and so willing to hear the gospel. I love the youth here. They are so important to this church and for the people of Bolivia because they are so receptive to the gospel. There is one girl in our ward that referred all of her friends to us and they are all so cool and open to listening. It was so cool! I love it! I love the obra misional. I love that I am slowly forgetting English. I love reading the Ensigns and Liahonas here. I love the Book of Mormon and I always find answers in it. Until next time!! Have a great week!!
Hermana Eaves

Monday, November 23, 2015

Wow!.....So Much!......

     So much has happened this week!!! First of all, my companion was not being the best example of obedience so the President of the mision, President Hansen, had to efect an emergency intercambio. Today I flew on a plane to Cochabamba. I am in Zone Quillacollo with a new companera from Canada, Hermana Padron. She only has 2 WEEKS more than I do in the mission. But she is fluent in Spanish (it was her first language) so she only had to go to the CCM for 2 weeks. But it's cool. We are the youngest companerismo in the mision. 
     So all of the stuff I have to write about is stuff from Sucre and next week I will talk about Cochabamba. Yeah, first of all I have some "Only in Bolivia" experiences. 1. One of our investigators wanted to make a hula hoop for her daughter. So she bought a PBC pipe, lit her gas stove and turned the flame way up. Then she used the flame to melt the plastic and stick the ends of the pipe together to make a hula hoop. Haha #onlyinBolivia   2. One of our investigators had a knife stuck to her front door, inside her house (hopefully to scare away robbers and not misionarios) haha
     OH and GUESS WHAT?? Micheal Jackson isn't dead!!! I SAW HIM IN BOLIVIA!! Haha, just kidding. I actually don't really know what Micheal Jackson looks like but I have seen some people in Bolivia that could be him...haha.
     The last night me and Hermana Fuenzalida were in our apartment the water stopped working. The manager of the apartments didn't know why. Hermana Fuenzalida was in the shower when the water stopped haha. Luckily we had 50 liters of drinking water that we used to rinse the shampoo out of her hair.
It turns out that nobody in the building had water and it had something to do with the pipes. We cleaned our apartment this morning using our drinking water and using toilet paper as rags. Haha! 
     Anyway, in our last lesson with one of our investigators, Miguel, he agreed to baptism! He is going to be baptized by the Elders on Nov 21!! It was so cool and the Spirit was so strong!! I know that this is the first step to great happiness in his life! I am so excited for him!

  Hna Fuenzalida y yo con Rosa y Miguel Alachi-oh yeah, Bolivians don't smile in their pics.

      Yeah, it has been a week full of changes but I know all the stuff I am learning on my mission will help me in my life. I am so happy to be here. I want to share some advice that my mom gave me. She sent me an email one day that said if you are ever having hard times, count your blessings. I hope you all are doing great!! I love you all! 
Hermana Eaves
Some misionarios from my zone.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Lo siento everyone but I have like no time today! It was a crazy day!! Okay, I dressed up as an abuela for Halloween (not all day of course) and antes in the semana I had told the girls that live in our apartment to dress up and come to our door in the morning and say, "Dulce o truco" (trick-or-treat in Spanish). They thought this was great. In the morning they came dressed up like princesses and got some good sugar filled American candy. Haha! I have pics that I will send next week one because I have no time and two I do not trust this computer enough to put my flashdrive into it. Haha. Okay, one funny experience of the week and one spiritual then I have to go.

My companion and I were walking up a hill and we passed this old man who was walking really SLOW. He was walking so slow that I thought he might have to sit and rest in order to make it to the top. We passed him and kept walking. Literally 45 seconds later he runs past us up the hill. Me and mi companera just looked at each other and laughed SO hard. He was probably on drugs or something because he ran up the whole hill. Haha!

Okay, two spiritual experiences. One is that we have had an investigator for a long time and he still has some doubts but he always goes to church (which is RARE here in Bolivia) and this Sunday he bore his testimony and after sacrament meeting all the members came up and greeted him, which was great!

The second is that during an intercambio with the STL Hermana Molina, our focus was finding new people. We were walking down the street and Hna Molina stops in front of a door and says, "Want to knock on esta porta?" We knocked and a 16 year old answers the door and let us in. It turns out, his uncle is a member and he has a Book of Mormon. SO COOL!

Anyway, I love the mission and I am learning a ton!! I have learned that even when we do not feel like we have anyone to talk to, Heavenly Father always is willing to listen. He loves us and will always have time for us because we are His children. I encourage you all to pray this week and really talk to Heavenly Father. He loves you and I love you all! Have a great week!


Hermana Eaves

Sunday, November 1, 2015

What is this? Week three?

 HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!!! There is no Halloween in Bolivia. My companion thought I was crazy when I made cardboard bats out of an empty cereal box and hung them around the apartment. I also made a ghost out of a tissue and some toilet paper. Haha! For Halloween this year I think I will dress up like a missionary and instead of passing out candy, pass out pass-along cards. Classic, huh? Anway, today is my two month mark on the mission and I woke up to find a lovely note from Hermana Fuenzalida on my dresser.

I forgot my list of things to write about in my email but I will try to remember. First of all, public restrooms and drinking fountains...they do not exist. If you do find a public restroom then 1. It will probably cost you some money 2. You will be very lucky if it has toilet paper 3. You will be super lucky if it has a trash can for you to put you toilet paper into (I do not know if I said this before but you can't flush toilet paper here). Also, public drinking fountains...none. And if there were some here I would NOT trust the water coming out of them.

I thought of a great way to describe trufis!!! Think of the bus at the end of Nacho Libre: decorations, bobbleheads and tassels at the front, stick shift and crammed full of people. It costs 1.5 Bolivianos (1 American dollar is 7 B's) to ride wherever it takes you. The only things lacking are ice cream cones for everyone and a man named Nacho in a powder blue suit with his girlfriend the Nun.
It has rained pretty much everday this week. It started raining today during our zone activity-we played sand volleyball and then Futbol!!! Believe it or not, this is the first real time I have played Futbol (soccer) on my mission! I loved it so much! Anyway, the only bad thing about the rain is that all my clothes that I washed today are on the roof of our apartment getting soaked right now. Haha! Esta bien, I don't need dry pajamas tonight, ha!
It has been great here in Bolivia! I am actually starting to use the past tense now in Spanish whereas before I did not. The only problem with learning Spanish is that I am forgetting English. So now I don't know enough of either language to talk, haha! We, as a district, bought soccer jerseys and shorts.

Anyway, we have been teaching a lot and trying to find people. The hardest part about this mission is that the people rarely keep their commitments. We do not have many invesitgators at church and they do not read or pray. It is so sad because I know that they can have feliz if they read the scriptures and pray to their Heavenly Father every day but they just do not. As missionaries, our job is to INVITE others to come unto Christ. If they do not ACT then we cannot help them. But, nevertheless, we try everyday to be better. To improve our teaching skills and for me, my Spanish, and to become truly good missionaries.
   I love this gospel and I love being a missionary! Have a great week everyone!!
Hermana Eaves