Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Lo siento everyone but I have like no time today! It was a crazy day!! Okay, I dressed up as an abuela for Halloween (not all day of course) and antes in the semana I had told the girls that live in our apartment to dress up and come to our door in the morning and say, "Dulce o truco" (trick-or-treat in Spanish). They thought this was great. In the morning they came dressed up like princesses and got some good sugar filled American candy. Haha! I have pics that I will send next week one because I have no time and two I do not trust this computer enough to put my flashdrive into it. Haha. Okay, one funny experience of the week and one spiritual then I have to go.

My companion and I were walking up a hill and we passed this old man who was walking really SLOW. He was walking so slow that I thought he might have to sit and rest in order to make it to the top. We passed him and kept walking. Literally 45 seconds later he runs past us up the hill. Me and mi companera just looked at each other and laughed SO hard. He was probably on drugs or something because he ran up the whole hill. Haha!

Okay, two spiritual experiences. One is that we have had an investigator for a long time and he still has some doubts but he always goes to church (which is RARE here in Bolivia) and this Sunday he bore his testimony and after sacrament meeting all the members came up and greeted him, which was great!

The second is that during an intercambio with the STL Hermana Molina, our focus was finding new people. We were walking down the street and Hna Molina stops in front of a door and says, "Want to knock on esta porta?" We knocked and a 16 year old answers the door and let us in. It turns out, his uncle is a member and he has a Book of Mormon. SO COOL!

Anyway, I love the mission and I am learning a ton!! I have learned that even when we do not feel like we have anyone to talk to, Heavenly Father always is willing to listen. He loves us and will always have time for us because we are His children. I encourage you all to pray this week and really talk to Heavenly Father. He loves you and I love you all! Have a great week!


Hermana Eaves

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