Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week ? Yeah, yo no se....

Hola todos!!!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Bolivia does not have Thanksgiving but we eat potatoes, rice and meat every day so it will feel like Thanksgiving. Hahaha!
Meat, rice, potatoes and their famous onion and tomato salad that makes everyone want to listen to us. :)

We are MELTING here though. Haha, Bolivia is in the middle of summer and there is NO AC to be found so there is no escape from the heat. This week I caved and bought 60 SPF sunscreen because I don't want to come back with skin cancer.
    But everything is great here in Bolivia! I love it!! Oh, this week one of our investigators told me my eyes are blue like the heavens, hahaha. We also gave him dating advice in one of our lessons because he wanted to know what to do if he liked a girl at his school. I told him about asking girls on date. My companion told him to forget the girl, hahahah! 
     So some #onlyinBolivia's for this week:
1. A guy on the back of a motorcycle yelling to me in English "Welcome to Cochabamba!! I hope you have a great time!!" Haha, people shout random English things at me a lot. 
2. We walked by a house and I looked over to see a guy standing in his yard in his underwear using his hose to shower off. Haha, at least Bolivians are clean. 
3. My companion was sick so she had to go get her blood drawn at the clinic (she is good now). But they just stuck the needle in her hand and held a test tube underneath the needle to collect the blood. I was just watching her blood drip into the tube and thinking, "Is this sanitary at all?"
     I went on Intercambios to America in Chochabamba this week. The pensionista there is so funny. We walked past her shower room and she was standing in the shower in all her clothes. She comes out soaking wet-her hair, shirt, skirt. We were trying so hard not to laugh because she acted as if that was completely normal...
     This week my companion used the maps in the back of the Doctrine and Covenants to show me where in Canada she lived. #missionarylife #nointernet  It was pretty cool though.

Helping someone move.
   We rode down the highway in Bolivia in the back of this truck.
We had a great lesson the other day with two young adults. Both were having some problems in their lives and they were a little angry at God. The young man kept asking questions como, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" And stuff like that. When they came in the lesson they acted as if they didn't think that what we had to say could help them. But as we taught them about how people have agency and that through the Expiacion (Atonement) of Jesus Christ they could overcome all the bad stuff that has happened in their lives. They were crying and when they left the lesson their countenances had changed. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ helped those young adults. I know that the gospel can help all who hear it, old, young and in between. I know that the teachings of Jesus Christ bring hope to shattered lives. I know that the Book of Mormon brings peace to all who read it. I know these things because I have felt them and I have seen them happen in the lives of the people I have taught. I am here to bring light to those who are struggling in the darkness and I am so happy to be a missionary. Love you all!!
Hermana Eaves

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