Sunday, November 1, 2015

What is this? Week three?

 HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!!! There is no Halloween in Bolivia. My companion thought I was crazy when I made cardboard bats out of an empty cereal box and hung them around the apartment. I also made a ghost out of a tissue and some toilet paper. Haha! For Halloween this year I think I will dress up like a missionary and instead of passing out candy, pass out pass-along cards. Classic, huh? Anway, today is my two month mark on the mission and I woke up to find a lovely note from Hermana Fuenzalida on my dresser.

I forgot my list of things to write about in my email but I will try to remember. First of all, public restrooms and drinking fountains...they do not exist. If you do find a public restroom then 1. It will probably cost you some money 2. You will be very lucky if it has toilet paper 3. You will be super lucky if it has a trash can for you to put you toilet paper into (I do not know if I said this before but you can't flush toilet paper here). Also, public drinking fountains...none. And if there were some here I would NOT trust the water coming out of them.

I thought of a great way to describe trufis!!! Think of the bus at the end of Nacho Libre: decorations, bobbleheads and tassels at the front, stick shift and crammed full of people. It costs 1.5 Bolivianos (1 American dollar is 7 B's) to ride wherever it takes you. The only things lacking are ice cream cones for everyone and a man named Nacho in a powder blue suit with his girlfriend the Nun.
It has rained pretty much everday this week. It started raining today during our zone activity-we played sand volleyball and then Futbol!!! Believe it or not, this is the first real time I have played Futbol (soccer) on my mission! I loved it so much! Anyway, the only bad thing about the rain is that all my clothes that I washed today are on the roof of our apartment getting soaked right now. Haha! Esta bien, I don't need dry pajamas tonight, ha!
It has been great here in Bolivia! I am actually starting to use the past tense now in Spanish whereas before I did not. The only problem with learning Spanish is that I am forgetting English. So now I don't know enough of either language to talk, haha! We, as a district, bought soccer jerseys and shorts.

Anyway, we have been teaching a lot and trying to find people. The hardest part about this mission is that the people rarely keep their commitments. We do not have many invesitgators at church and they do not read or pray. It is so sad because I know that they can have feliz if they read the scriptures and pray to their Heavenly Father every day but they just do not. As missionaries, our job is to INVITE others to come unto Christ. If they do not ACT then we cannot help them. But, nevertheless, we try everyday to be better. To improve our teaching skills and for me, my Spanish, and to become truly good missionaries.
   I love this gospel and I love being a missionary! Have a great week everyone!!
Hermana Eaves

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