Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's up everyone??‏

So this was my first week in Cochabamba and all I can say is HOT HOT HOT. The sun is muy fuerte here. I just bought some 60 SPF sunscreen because I don't want to come back fried up.

In the back of a trufi with my companera Hermana Padron
 Okay, some people have asked me questions and I want to answer them first:
1. Have you eaten chuno? Yes, I ate it twice in Sucre and it wasn't bad. It was fine. The only thing that makes me gag sometimes is Bolivian cheese (I think it is because it tastes a little like 
2. Have you gotten sick? Nope, both my companeras have been sick but I have been really blessed with my health.
3. Como es Espanol? I love espanol!! I love to speak it and I have actually picked it up really well. I can understand what people are's great.
     Anyway, our new area is way different but the main thing is that trufis are way smaller...and the weather is way hotter...and the cholitas dress a little my companera speaks Ingles. And it is so isn't all hills like Sucre. But yeah, it's chevre.
     First of all, we went into someone's house to teach them a lesson and guess what movie they were watching??? (Dad, be excited) They were watching Journey to the Center of the Earth 2!!!! WHAT?? Don't worry, I averted my eyes even though I was sorely tempted to watch (hahaha).
      Second, fun times in Bolivia. We had a Reunion de Zona on Viernes (FRI) and in the middle of it, a random Bolivian man walks into the chapel and sits in the back. We sort of looked at each other like, uhhh...what is this? But we continued on with the lesson. After a little while, he got up and walked to the front. He then started yelling stuff at us and I realized he was totally drunk. He then walked to the back row where us Hermanas were sitting and stared into my eyes as he held out his hand. I was so scared and the Elders were just watching!! Finally, the zone leader escorted him out of the chapel. Later, my companion and I saw him sleeping on the street. 
     Haha, great times. The only other experience I had with a drunk guy this week was when my companera y yo went to cross the street because the light was green. All of a sudden, a drunk guy starts hitting my companera with a little cardboard thing and saying "VERDE. VERDE" Que en el mundo?? Los borrachos here are crazy. 
     We have a dog in our area that sometimes comes into the chapel when we are having church and all of us have to try and get it out. Haha.
I am now the proud owner of some feo (ugly) Cholito sandals. I found them in the apt and now I wear them around.
   Anyway, I am getting used to my new area. It is good and the coolest thing happened. We were knocking doors one day and a 12 year old answered and she is so nice!! We met with her again one day (her mom works all day) and we gave her a Book of Mormon. She is so nice and so willing to hear the gospel. I love the youth here. They are so important to this church and for the people of Bolivia because they are so receptive to the gospel. There is one girl in our ward that referred all of her friends to us and they are all so cool and open to listening. It was so cool! I love it! I love the obra misional. I love that I am slowly forgetting English. I love reading the Ensigns and Liahonas here. I love the Book of Mormon and I always find answers in it. Until next time!! Have a great week!!
Hermana Eaves

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