Monday, November 23, 2015

Wow!.....So Much!......

     So much has happened this week!!! First of all, my companion was not being the best example of obedience so the President of the mision, President Hansen, had to efect an emergency intercambio. Today I flew on a plane to Cochabamba. I am in Zone Quillacollo with a new companera from Canada, Hermana Padron. She only has 2 WEEKS more than I do in the mission. But she is fluent in Spanish (it was her first language) so she only had to go to the CCM for 2 weeks. But it's cool. We are the youngest companerismo in the mision. 
     So all of the stuff I have to write about is stuff from Sucre and next week I will talk about Cochabamba. Yeah, first of all I have some "Only in Bolivia" experiences. 1. One of our investigators wanted to make a hula hoop for her daughter. So she bought a PBC pipe, lit her gas stove and turned the flame way up. Then she used the flame to melt the plastic and stick the ends of the pipe together to make a hula hoop. Haha #onlyinBolivia   2. One of our investigators had a knife stuck to her front door, inside her house (hopefully to scare away robbers and not misionarios) haha
     OH and GUESS WHAT?? Micheal Jackson isn't dead!!! I SAW HIM IN BOLIVIA!! Haha, just kidding. I actually don't really know what Micheal Jackson looks like but I have seen some people in Bolivia that could be him...haha.
     The last night me and Hermana Fuenzalida were in our apartment the water stopped working. The manager of the apartments didn't know why. Hermana Fuenzalida was in the shower when the water stopped haha. Luckily we had 50 liters of drinking water that we used to rinse the shampoo out of her hair.
It turns out that nobody in the building had water and it had something to do with the pipes. We cleaned our apartment this morning using our drinking water and using toilet paper as rags. Haha! 
     Anyway, in our last lesson with one of our investigators, Miguel, he agreed to baptism! He is going to be baptized by the Elders on Nov 21!! It was so cool and the Spirit was so strong!! I know that this is the first step to great happiness in his life! I am so excited for him!

  Hna Fuenzalida y yo con Rosa y Miguel Alachi-oh yeah, Bolivians don't smile in their pics.

      Yeah, it has been a week full of changes but I know all the stuff I am learning on my mission will help me in my life. I am so happy to be here. I want to share some advice that my mom gave me. She sent me an email one day that said if you are ever having hard times, count your blessings. I hope you all are doing great!! I love you all! 
Hermana Eaves
Some misionarios from my zone.

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