Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Summer......WINTER???

Ya, yo no se what season it is...So I have made it another week without getting sick, though two Elders in our Zone were not so lucky. It has been another great week here in Bolivia!! My companion and I decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving with my mini tree and snowflakes that we cut out. It was pretty great! 
My companion and I talked to a lot of people that only speak Quechua this week. We found a new part of our area and a lot of the people there only speak Quechua. What we do when we find those people is say, "Emenatendeqichu". Which means "none" or "nothing". And then we leave. Haha, we need to go back there with a ward member that can speak Quechua. Haha. 
     Oh, just a few fun money facts about Bolivia. One nm cubed of gas (I have no idea what that is) is only 1.5 Bolivianos and 7 Bolivianos is 1 dollar American. Our taxi driver filled up his tank for ll B's. Que chevre...
     Anyway, sometimes our investigators give us como 50 cookies to finish before the sita is over so I have become a master at sneaking them into my bag. This week I have snuck a total of 30 cookies from 2 different sitas in my bag. Haha, my companera thinks it is hilarious. 
     The trufis here have NO problem with passing other cars on the road. The trufis pass whether or not there is a semi truck barreling towards them in the other lane, whether or not there is a motorcycle in the way and whether or not their passengers are gripping the arms of their companeras and wondering if they are going to die in the back of a Bolivian trufi. 
Some #onlyinBolivias:
 1. I saw another guy bathing in his yard. My companera saw him too. Luckily he had shorts on. 
 2. I saw a Cholita peeing on the side of the road. She looked like she was just squatting there and I thought, "Oh, that little Cholita lady looks triste. We should go talk to her." Then she stood up, wiped herself off with her skirt #notoiletpaper and walked away, leaving a little puddle behind. Haha, it was pretty exciting. 
 3. The other day there were some Cholitas fighting in the street (in Quechua of course). The Cholita would yell something and the drunk Cholito would yell back. Then he yelled something at us and walked away, haha. 
     We had a baptism this week! It was an awesome little boy named Ander. He is 9 and his parents are menos activos but they wanted him to be baptized so we taught him. He is so smart and so great!

  The youth here are so great! I really think that the youth have the most potential to change the world. There are so many youth here that are such good examples for their parents. I love being here. I will miss you all during the holidays but honestly, this work is the work of God and it is more important than I am. I am glad to have a part of it. I love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Eaves

1. Thanksgiving dinner-sausage, papas fritas, onions and tomatoes

2. A sweet bridge in our area. We walk across the trash-filled ravine to get to some of our investigators. 

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