Monday, December 7, 2015


Hola everyone!! 
Another week has flown by!! Mother, I have not yet been sick. :)
     Okay, so a few of you asked about Ander. He has not yet been confirmed because his parents are menos activos!!! So they are not always at church. I might just go and get them all Sunday morning, haha. They even have a CAR!! Haha. 
    Anyway, we were walking down a dirt road in our area in the middle of no-where and a random guy stopped and asked us if we needed a ride. He was probably just a nice Bolivian man with the best intentions but we told him no. Haha. I also almost got hit by a taxi (not the same day) but luckily I wasn't. 
    My companera asked me if there were cactus in Arizona. When I told her yeah she thought it was so cool (she is from Canada). Haha. 
     I don't know if I have told you this, but Bolivians don't refrigerate meat or dairy products. If you want cold chicken you have to refrigerate it yourself...
     There was a guy that walked by us on the street and asked us if we were searching for hombres. My companera told him, "NO GRACIAS!" and we walked away really fast. Weirdo. 
     Oh boy, church yesterday was so great! I have the funniest stories ever! So our chapel is interesting. There is just a big hallway that is open to the air outside and it is lined with a bunch of doors that lead to the classrooms or the capilla. The doors are all glass paned so you can see out of them. Hermana Padron and I always sit by the door of the capilla so if our investigators walk up we can see them. So anyway, one of the members walked to church (because on Sunday cars weren't allowed to drive-a Bolivian thing) and her three huge dogs followed her to church. The dogs kept trying to get into the door of our chapel (where we have sacrament meeting) and the elderly man finally closed the door. We could still see the dogs though because the door was glass and they were in the hallway thing. THEN the dogs started mating. Hna Padron and I were dying because here we were in sacrament meeting with the dogs mating shamelessly outside the glass door. Well, the elderly door guarder saw this and ran out the door with his hymbook to seperate the dogs. Hna Padron and I are dying as we try not to laugh at the old man chasing three huge dogs down the hall. We would see him run one way with his hymbook and one of the dogs would sprint the other way. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! I could not stop laughing. This is seriously another #onlyinBolivia moment. Haha! I wish I could say that the man chased the dogs away and we had a peaceful meeting but no, the man had to run out into the hall at least three more times to chase away the dogs. 
     Also, about 5 people in our ward gave their testimonies in Quechua because that is what they speak. It was so cool. I was trying to listen but pretty much all I got was testimoniomanta, iglesiamanta and Jesucristoj.

Noche Foganera (Fireside) with a real fire. It was super cool!! 
     Another cool thing is that Sunday was a day in Bolivia where there were no cars allowed on the road. So we had to walk everywhere. We ended up walking for 2.5 hours to get to all the places we needed to be but it was so cool because there were no cars in the street and all the kids were playing in the road. There were tons of people walking and socializing. It was so cool. 

Cows crossing the intersection. They have more right of way than people do. :)
      Anyway, a super chevre experience from this week was that one morning at 6 AM one of our investigators called us. We called him back when we woke up and he told us that he wanted to be baptized this Saturday. We were both so surprised and told him that he was awesome and he could get baptized on the 12th of December. Haha, he still needs all the lessons. We have lots of cool experiences here on the mission. We have been giving people Christmas messages which has been really cool. It is a great way to talk to new people and share the message that we have of the Savior. I love teaching people and lifting their spirits. We have such a great responsibility como members of this church. We need to help those who are struggling and lift the hearts of those who are sad. I hope you all remember that! Have a great week everyone!!
Hermana Eaves

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