Monday, December 14, 2015

We Had A Monsoon!!

Hola everyone, 

It has been another great week!!! Today we were riding in a trufi (a big bus) to Cochabamba (which is 30 minutes away) and a lady got up and started to preach from her Bible to all the people on the trufi. The missionaries I was with told me that she had done it before. She preached for the whole 30 minutes and I have got to say that I admire her courage. She was pretty cool.
     Anyway, another trufi story...we have two types of trufis here, one is the big bus that is easy to stand up in. The other is como un 12 passenger van that they cram a bunch of people into. One time, my companion was bent all the way over and standing on one foot during a 10 minute trufi ride while I was squeezed in between two cholitas with their Awayos full of stuff. It was pretty fun. Plus this week was HOT HOT HOT. Which means we sweat all day. Last night we didn't even hug after companionship prayer because we were so hot. Haha. 
     We have a ton of cute, old Cholitas in our ward. One of them was called up to give the opening prayer and she said, "Hola Hermanos y Hermanas. Voy a orar..." (Translation: "Hi Brothers and Sisters, I'm going to pray.") Then she prayed. Haha. When she started that way I was afraid she thought she was supposed to give a talk. 
     Okay, I have the COOLEST story for you all. Remember that guy who called us last week asking to be baptized? Well, his name is Edwin and he is sooo cool! So first, he called us to be baptized. Then he called us to set up a sita. He accepted wholeheartedly everything we taught. Hermana Padron and I had to clean the baptismal font and the room antes del bautismo and he showed up AN HOUR EARLY and helped us clean and set up. 
 I had to climb inside this hole to close the drain to the baptismal font. Haha
  Bautismo de Edwin!! Edwin, Obispo, Hna Padron y yo
A little information to help you all to see how amazing this is: Bolivians are NEVER on time. At our last baptism, the people getting baptized showed up 30 minutes late and the Bishop showed up an hour late. So him showing up an hour early. He is so cool. The next day he showed up 45 minutes early to church for his confirmation. Hermana Padron said hi to him then had to leave to go get other people and bring them to church. When we came back he was cleaning the sacrament trays. Literally, he is the coolest kid (23 year old). Bishop was confirming him and talking about a full time mission and I felt so happy. I just want to help all these people to go on missions and get sealed in the temple and be happy. It's stuff like this that makes me want to be a missionary forever.
Ander got confirmed this week!!! Finally! Him and Edwin were confirmed yesterday. It was so cool and we were so happy!! 
   This week we are going to focus a lot on finding people because we don't have many to teach. So it's going to be a long week of knocking portas. :) Which is actually really fun. I am loving it here and am soo excited for Christmas! Not for the usual reasons though (presents, family, etc). I am excited for Christmas because we can talk more about the Savior with people who otherwise wouldn't want to listen to us. It is just really cool. 

Anyway, have a good week! I love you all!! 11 days til Christmas!! 
Hermana Eaves

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