Monday, December 21, 2015

What??? NAVIDAD!!!‏

It is Navidad already??? Where has the time gone??? 
I have almost 4 months in the mission now which is CRAZY to me because it feels like I just got here! So much has happened!!
First of all, we sang as a missionary choir for our stake and it was sooo cool! I love feeling the Spirit through hymns! We are going to sing for a bunch of Policemen in their meeting this Miercoles so that will be cool! Remember that one guy that is usually on drugs that came to our zone meeting once? Yeah, he is always at the chapel and the other day he kissed the stake president on the head...I don't know why he hangs out at the chapel. Maybe he can feel the Spirit there or the members are nice to him. I don't know. 
     We got offered another ride by a stranger. On the same road as last time. Que rado. We said no...
     Also, there was a protest so the main highway to Cochabamba was blocked. We had to go down this super dusty dirt road to get to the Cancha! It was really fun actually. It just took us an hour instead of the usual 10 minutes. 
     We had the coolest devotional for Christmas yesterday. It was given by the Mission President and his wife. There were special musical numbers and testimonies and so much cool stuff! I loved one testimony from a missionary. I am going to write it is Spanish first because that is how she said it and then I will translate. 
       "Esta ano de Navidad yo queria a tener un Navidad como en casa. Yo estaba pensando y tratando a tener esta Navidad como en casa. Pero yo ha realizado que no voy a tener una Navidad como en casa porque no estoy in casa. Estoy in un lugar mejor."
     "This year for Christmas I wanted to have a Christmas like I have at my house. I was thinking about this and trying to have this Christmas be like it is at my house. But I have realized that it isn't going to be a Christmas like I have at my house because I am not in my house. I am in a better place." 
       Honestly, as I was listening to her talk I felt the Spirit so strongly. I know there is no better place I could be for this Christmas that Bolivia, inviting others to learn more about the Savior and to apply His teachings in their lives. This Christmas isn't going to be pretty gifts and lights on the tree. It is going to be all about Christ's gift for us so many years ago and His light that he shared with the world. I hope all of you are taking this time of the year to study the life of Christ in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon so that you can apply His teachings and grow more like Him this Christmas! I love you all so much! Feliz Navidad!
Hermana Eaves

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