Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another Crazy Week!

Well hello everyone, 

I am back again! How are you all doing?? So I have a new companion now. It is still two weeks until cambios but I had another emergency cambio. This time is was because my companion, Hermana Padron, had to go home for problems with her knee.  We had to drop her off at the airport at 5AM and the taxi driver almost killed us twice on the way back-once when he hit a pothole at 50 mph and again when he almost swerved into a median #noseatbelts. 
(Hermana Padron and I on our last day together)
So Hermana Padron is back in Canada and I am in a trio with the Hnas of Vinto (the area next to ours). We were supposed to work one day in my area and one day in theirs but instead, Hna Jara has a member with her until cambios (Febuary 7) and Hna Cicotte is working with me. It has been weird to have a completely gringa companion (she is blonde too). We are terrorizing Villa Moderna. 
     Anyway, we got offered a ride from another random stranger. (This is the 4th time on my mission-all of the times have been in the same area). The guy told us that he would give us a ride because it was dangerous for two white girls to be walking around there (it was completely light outside so I knew it wasn't dangerous yet). We just said "No gracias" while both thinking that it would be more dangerous to get in his car than it would to walk. Haha. 
     Okay, so I have learned of a myth that they have in the United States. This is HUGE. The myth is that you have to refrigerate meat and dairy products. I am convinced that the refrigeration companies made it up. Bolivians do not refrigerate meat or dairy products and sure they taste a bit funny but usually they are fine. ;) Haha, totally joking. But Bolivians really don't refrigerate meat or dairy. 
     Okay, a miracle for the week. We had talked to a guy in the street who's name is Girardo. He told us he lived on calle 4 in the house with the green door. So the next day we go to calle 4 and start knocking all the green doors. At one the person who answered said, "Eduardo?" And we, thinking that we had heard the man's name wrong when we first contacted him were like, "Uhh, yeah". So the guy who comes to the door is NOT Girardo. His name is Eduardo and apparently the missionaries taught him before. So what a miracle that we found him!! We are going to teach Eduardo now and keep searching for Girardo. Haha.
     Oh, GREAT NEWS!!! Remember Edwin? The hombre we baptized in December? Well, he received the Priesthood (which is a power that God gives to hombres so that they can act in His name) on Sunday!!! He was so happy about it and I am sooooo excited to see him progress. I am really happy especially that the next step for him is to get a temple recommend and go to the temple to do saving work for his ancestors. I am so happy to be a missionary and I feel like I am becoming a better person and becoming closer to God every day. I love you all! Have a great week! Stay out of trouble! 
Hermana Eaves

Monday, January 18, 2016

Just a spoonfull of sugar helps the antibiotics go down!‏

Hola a todos!

     It has been a really crazy interesting week. First of all, lots of you asked how I was doing since I was sick last week. I am doing great! So much better. I don't feel sick anymore and after a few antibiotics I am Amoeba free. :) Now I have to take Probiotics for a few days. Hna Hansen said it would help me. So I sometimes eat it with a spoonfull of dulce de leche because bacteria doesn't taste really good plain...haha. But yeah, I am all better now. 
     Some #onlyinBolivia's:
         -Little kids in the back of a truck on the freeway. And it's not even illegal...
         -We almost die in taxis every week. The one we were in this week was during intercambios and it seemed like the guy was training for a race or something because he had his car in 6th gear during most of the ride. At one point he stopped so fast that I slid forward into his seat (no seatbelts). How fun. 
         -I saw a guy getting out of a trufi. It wouldn't have been weird if he didn't have a live ferret sitting on his shoulder. Mom what would you do if I walked off the airplane with a live ferret on my shoulder?Image result for ferret on shoulder
  So I have said lots of things in Spanish but I think one of the best stories is one I had this week. We have a Menos Activo in our ward named Beto Adriazola. We taught and baptized his 9 year old son. Beto and his wife Giovanna are sealed in the temple. They have a car, a tennis court, a sauna, peacocks. Lots of nice things...but they DON'T come to church and it is mostly Beto's fault. He goes and works. Last week, I told him that if he wasn't at church then the whole ward was going to come use his sauna for free (how I show my love as a missionary-I issue threats). WELL, he wasn't at church so if anyone wants to use a sauna for free just come to Bolivia because his is open. Haha, really though, we just went Sunday night and asked him why he wasn't there. He said he had so much work to do. I told him that the Lord had lots of work for him to do. (Wow, I actually can't believe I said that. It was really bold, haha).But honestly, if you have been blessed with the gospel of Jesus Christ, if you have been blessed with the knowledge that God loves you, then why wouldn't you come to church? Why wouldn't you share the knowledge you have? JUST DO IT.   
The Adriazolas. We love them a lot! They are great, just menos activos. Me,Arlette, Hna Padron, Ander and Hna Giovanna. Arlette touched my face that day and asked me if it was real, haha.  

  We knocked a lot of doors a couple of weeks ago and a lot of the people we found are sooo great! One of them is named Veronica. Her dad let us in and as we were talking to her he asked us if we wanted some beer (he was drunk). But Veronica is sooo great! She had a veeerrryyy hard childhood but wants to be a better mother than her mother was. So she stays home and helps her kids and is such a nice person. People here are so nice. :) 

Marcellina, a Cholita, and her sons. I printed these pics off and I am so excited to give them to her.     

Literally, I learned a lot about lots of stuff this week. One of the things I learned was that when we are tempted and tried then we can choose to be strong or we can choose to be weak. We weren't born strong people, we had to choose to be strong and choose to be happy. Everyone has a choice in life. It's great. I love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Eaves

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Scripture power...keeps me safe from dogs!!‏

Hello ya'all (is that how you spell it)

     So the reason I am writing so late this week is because I was in the Clinica getting an IV. #Bolivianmissionaryproblems Yes. 
The sickness train has finally hit me so I can now check that off the mission bucket list. It started on Thursday with feeling nauseous and wanting to throw up and having other unfortunate side effects. I will spare you all the great details but we finally went to the clinic today because this morning I felt completely awful. They said I was super dehydrated because I haven't been able to keep anything down so they hooked me up to an IV for 3 hours. Later they found out that I had some sort of Bacteria that was making me sick so we got the medicine for that today. Fun stuff. For all of you in the states...DON'T TAKE GOOD, CLEAN, SAFE food for granted. It is a luxury. 
     Anyway, about the heading of this email. The other day a dog came sprinting towards my companion and I from about 3 houses away. He looked like he wanted to kill us. I didn't have time to get a rock from off the ground so I yanked my Book of Mormon out of my bag and held it in the air. I'm sure that dog felt the power of the scriptures because he took off running in the other direction. 

     Something cool about Bolivia is that when we knock on the doors the people inside will be like, "Quien es?" But what are we supposed to say, "Um...strangers. You don't know us." Usually I'll be like, "Las misioneras" and the people will say "Quien?" So I repeat it and they come and open the door because they don't know what we are saying. 

They hang people shaped stuff like this from the light poles all the time to ward off robbers.  
   By the way, I saw something here the other day that seemed like a good idea. One guy was in a car that was full of people. He didn't have any room to sit so to solve the problem they rolled down the back window and he sat on the spare tire (that was attached to the back of the car) and held on to the rack on the top of the car. 
     Anyway, now to tell you about two of our investigators, Luis and Daniela. Luis's mom is a member and she is literally so cool. She reads the scriptures all the time and is so strong in the church. Her son, Luis, is 18 and he is super cool too. I think his interest in the church started when his girlfriend, Daniela, started asking questions. He has also had some hard things happen in his family with his dad so he had a lot of questions about that. Daniela is 19 and she is so so so nice. She has had a hard life with her family but she is the sweetest person ever. Literally, when we first met with her and Luis they walked in thinking that we weren't going to be able to help them but now they are full of life and happy and they are going to be baptized on January 23. They are sooo great. They came (and Luis's mom, Hna. Maria) to visit me when I was in the clinic with my IV. But yeah, that is pretty much all for this week. I love you all and hope you have a great time!!

Hermana Eaves

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What in the world? 2016?‏

Hola everyone! 
    I cannot believe it is 2016. Time is passing sooo fast. I feel like before I know it my mission will be over and I will have to go back to real life with school, callings and (SHUDDER) taxes. Everyone enjoy your time while it lasts! 

Me, Hermana Padron and Jeannette (our pensionista).
 New Year's Eve dinner with Jeanette and her family!   After dinner my companion and I celebrated by going to bed a little bit early, because we were tired (#missionarylife). 
    Let's see...oh! We set a record for number of people in a trufi!  My companion and I were on a trufi (she was in the 2nd seat and I was in the back-sometimes there is only room to sit like that). Anyway, this trufi has MAXIMUM 18 seats (If we are squished) and there were 18 people on this trufi. Well, 4 crazy Bolivian men decided to get on this trufi. They piled on and all had to stand in the aisleway, which is definitely not big enough for 2 people, much less 4. One of them was almost sitting on my companion and all I could do was watch from the back seat. Well, we had to get off of this trufi and I was the last one off. These 4 crazy Bolivians were like "Oh, todavia estan bajando. La gringa." (Translation: They are still getting off. The white girl.) Haha. One of the Menos Activos in our ward calls us (Hna Padron y yo) "Hermana Gringits" and Hermana Chokits" (Sister white girl and Sister Blonde girl). 
     One of the ladies we teach owns a tienda. She was sharpening one of our knives during our lesson. #quemiedo #onlyinBolivia
     The Cholitas were all mad at something so today they blocked off the main highway (which means they lay a bunch of tires and sticks across the road and sit on them so nothing can get past). They do it a lot. Usually on Mondays. They also blocked off a lot of other roads so we had to walk everywhere. Bolivians...they always protest stuff. 
We had a ton of laundry today. But we got it all done in 2 hours. Our apartment is now a laundry and makeshift clothesline obstacle course. 
Our food that we bought for dinner.  We have to start making our own.  Strawberry nesquick, canned peaches, apples, cereal, grapes, ramen...jealous?!?
     Anyway, this week we have been teaching a lot of people about Metas (Goals) because we know that this is the beginning of the new year and a perfect time to change things that have been left unchanged for too long. I have realized over the years that if I make a TON of goals at the beginning of the year then I will never accomplish them. So if ya'll are making goals then only make 1 or 2 and focus on them before making more. Something that coming out on a mission has done for me is made me realize how much I need to improve. There is always something we can mejorar to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. And if we really are His followers then we should want to improve and apply His teachings in our lives. So for everyone this week, make your goals and follow through. I love you all!!! Have a great week! 
Hermana Eaves