Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another Crazy Week!

Well hello everyone, 

I am back again! How are you all doing?? So I have a new companion now. It is still two weeks until cambios but I had another emergency cambio. This time is was because my companion, Hermana Padron, had to go home for problems with her knee.  We had to drop her off at the airport at 5AM and the taxi driver almost killed us twice on the way back-once when he hit a pothole at 50 mph and again when he almost swerved into a median #noseatbelts. 
(Hermana Padron and I on our last day together)
So Hermana Padron is back in Canada and I am in a trio with the Hnas of Vinto (the area next to ours). We were supposed to work one day in my area and one day in theirs but instead, Hna Jara has a member with her until cambios (Febuary 7) and Hna Cicotte is working with me. It has been weird to have a completely gringa companion (she is blonde too). We are terrorizing Villa Moderna. 
     Anyway, we got offered a ride from another random stranger. (This is the 4th time on my mission-all of the times have been in the same area). The guy told us that he would give us a ride because it was dangerous for two white girls to be walking around there (it was completely light outside so I knew it wasn't dangerous yet). We just said "No gracias" while both thinking that it would be more dangerous to get in his car than it would to walk. Haha. 
     Okay, so I have learned of a myth that they have in the United States. This is HUGE. The myth is that you have to refrigerate meat and dairy products. I am convinced that the refrigeration companies made it up. Bolivians do not refrigerate meat or dairy products and sure they taste a bit funny but usually they are fine. ;) Haha, totally joking. But Bolivians really don't refrigerate meat or dairy. 
     Okay, a miracle for the week. We had talked to a guy in the street who's name is Girardo. He told us he lived on calle 4 in the house with the green door. So the next day we go to calle 4 and start knocking all the green doors. At one the person who answered said, "Eduardo?" And we, thinking that we had heard the man's name wrong when we first contacted him were like, "Uhh, yeah". So the guy who comes to the door is NOT Girardo. His name is Eduardo and apparently the missionaries taught him before. So what a miracle that we found him!! We are going to teach Eduardo now and keep searching for Girardo. Haha.
     Oh, GREAT NEWS!!! Remember Edwin? The hombre we baptized in December? Well, he received the Priesthood (which is a power that God gives to hombres so that they can act in His name) on Sunday!!! He was so happy about it and I am sooooo excited to see him progress. I am really happy especially that the next step for him is to get a temple recommend and go to the temple to do saving work for his ancestors. I am so happy to be a missionary and I feel like I am becoming a better person and becoming closer to God every day. I love you all! Have a great week! Stay out of trouble! 
Hermana Eaves

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