Monday, January 18, 2016

Just a spoonfull of sugar helps the antibiotics go down!‏

Hola a todos!

     It has been a really crazy interesting week. First of all, lots of you asked how I was doing since I was sick last week. I am doing great! So much better. I don't feel sick anymore and after a few antibiotics I am Amoeba free. :) Now I have to take Probiotics for a few days. Hna Hansen said it would help me. So I sometimes eat it with a spoonfull of dulce de leche because bacteria doesn't taste really good plain...haha. But yeah, I am all better now. 
     Some #onlyinBolivia's:
         -Little kids in the back of a truck on the freeway. And it's not even illegal...
         -We almost die in taxis every week. The one we were in this week was during intercambios and it seemed like the guy was training for a race or something because he had his car in 6th gear during most of the ride. At one point he stopped so fast that I slid forward into his seat (no seatbelts). How fun. 
         -I saw a guy getting out of a trufi. It wouldn't have been weird if he didn't have a live ferret sitting on his shoulder. Mom what would you do if I walked off the airplane with a live ferret on my shoulder?Image result for ferret on shoulder
  So I have said lots of things in Spanish but I think one of the best stories is one I had this week. We have a Menos Activo in our ward named Beto Adriazola. We taught and baptized his 9 year old son. Beto and his wife Giovanna are sealed in the temple. They have a car, a tennis court, a sauna, peacocks. Lots of nice things...but they DON'T come to church and it is mostly Beto's fault. He goes and works. Last week, I told him that if he wasn't at church then the whole ward was going to come use his sauna for free (how I show my love as a missionary-I issue threats). WELL, he wasn't at church so if anyone wants to use a sauna for free just come to Bolivia because his is open. Haha, really though, we just went Sunday night and asked him why he wasn't there. He said he had so much work to do. I told him that the Lord had lots of work for him to do. (Wow, I actually can't believe I said that. It was really bold, haha).But honestly, if you have been blessed with the gospel of Jesus Christ, if you have been blessed with the knowledge that God loves you, then why wouldn't you come to church? Why wouldn't you share the knowledge you have? JUST DO IT.   
The Adriazolas. We love them a lot! They are great, just menos activos. Me,Arlette, Hna Padron, Ander and Hna Giovanna. Arlette touched my face that day and asked me if it was real, haha.  

  We knocked a lot of doors a couple of weeks ago and a lot of the people we found are sooo great! One of them is named Veronica. Her dad let us in and as we were talking to her he asked us if we wanted some beer (he was drunk). But Veronica is sooo great! She had a veeerrryyy hard childhood but wants to be a better mother than her mother was. So she stays home and helps her kids and is such a nice person. People here are so nice. :) 

Marcellina, a Cholita, and her sons. I printed these pics off and I am so excited to give them to her.     

Literally, I learned a lot about lots of stuff this week. One of the things I learned was that when we are tempted and tried then we can choose to be strong or we can choose to be weak. We weren't born strong people, we had to choose to be strong and choose to be happy. Everyone has a choice in life. It's great. I love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Eaves

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