Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Scripture power...keeps me safe from dogs!!‏

Hello ya'all (is that how you spell it)

     So the reason I am writing so late this week is because I was in the Clinica getting an IV. #Bolivianmissionaryproblems Yes. 
The sickness train has finally hit me so I can now check that off the mission bucket list. It started on Thursday with feeling nauseous and wanting to throw up and having other unfortunate side effects. I will spare you all the great details but we finally went to the clinic today because this morning I felt completely awful. They said I was super dehydrated because I haven't been able to keep anything down so they hooked me up to an IV for 3 hours. Later they found out that I had some sort of Bacteria that was making me sick so we got the medicine for that today. Fun stuff. For all of you in the states...DON'T TAKE GOOD, CLEAN, SAFE food for granted. It is a luxury. 
     Anyway, about the heading of this email. The other day a dog came sprinting towards my companion and I from about 3 houses away. He looked like he wanted to kill us. I didn't have time to get a rock from off the ground so I yanked my Book of Mormon out of my bag and held it in the air. I'm sure that dog felt the power of the scriptures because he took off running in the other direction. 

     Something cool about Bolivia is that when we knock on the doors the people inside will be like, "Quien es?" But what are we supposed to say, "Um...strangers. You don't know us." Usually I'll be like, "Las misioneras" and the people will say "Quien?" So I repeat it and they come and open the door because they don't know what we are saying. 

They hang people shaped stuff like this from the light poles all the time to ward off robbers.  
   By the way, I saw something here the other day that seemed like a good idea. One guy was in a car that was full of people. He didn't have any room to sit so to solve the problem they rolled down the back window and he sat on the spare tire (that was attached to the back of the car) and held on to the rack on the top of the car. 
     Anyway, now to tell you about two of our investigators, Luis and Daniela. Luis's mom is a member and she is literally so cool. She reads the scriptures all the time and is so strong in the church. Her son, Luis, is 18 and he is super cool too. I think his interest in the church started when his girlfriend, Daniela, started asking questions. He has also had some hard things happen in his family with his dad so he had a lot of questions about that. Daniela is 19 and she is so so so nice. She has had a hard life with her family but she is the sweetest person ever. Literally, when we first met with her and Luis they walked in thinking that we weren't going to be able to help them but now they are full of life and happy and they are going to be baptized on January 23. They are sooo great. They came (and Luis's mom, Hna. Maria) to visit me when I was in the clinic with my IV. But yeah, that is pretty much all for this week. I love you all and hope you have a great time!!

Hermana Eaves

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