Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What in the world? 2016?‏

Hola everyone! 
    I cannot believe it is 2016. Time is passing sooo fast. I feel like before I know it my mission will be over and I will have to go back to real life with school, callings and (SHUDDER) taxes. Everyone enjoy your time while it lasts! 

Me, Hermana Padron and Jeannette (our pensionista).
 New Year's Eve dinner with Jeanette and her family!   After dinner my companion and I celebrated by going to bed a little bit early, because we were tired (#missionarylife). 
    Let's see...oh! We set a record for number of people in a trufi!  My companion and I were on a trufi (she was in the 2nd seat and I was in the back-sometimes there is only room to sit like that). Anyway, this trufi has MAXIMUM 18 seats (If we are squished) and there were 18 people on this trufi. Well, 4 crazy Bolivian men decided to get on this trufi. They piled on and all had to stand in the aisleway, which is definitely not big enough for 2 people, much less 4. One of them was almost sitting on my companion and all I could do was watch from the back seat. Well, we had to get off of this trufi and I was the last one off. These 4 crazy Bolivians were like "Oh, todavia estan bajando. La gringa." (Translation: They are still getting off. The white girl.) Haha. One of the Menos Activos in our ward calls us (Hna Padron y yo) "Hermana Gringits" and Hermana Chokits" (Sister white girl and Sister Blonde girl). 
     One of the ladies we teach owns a tienda. She was sharpening one of our knives during our lesson. #quemiedo #onlyinBolivia
     The Cholitas were all mad at something so today they blocked off the main highway (which means they lay a bunch of tires and sticks across the road and sit on them so nothing can get past). They do it a lot. Usually on Mondays. They also blocked off a lot of other roads so we had to walk everywhere. Bolivians...they always protest stuff. 
We had a ton of laundry today. But we got it all done in 2 hours. Our apartment is now a laundry and makeshift clothesline obstacle course. 
Our food that we bought for dinner.  We have to start making our own.  Strawberry nesquick, canned peaches, apples, cereal, grapes, ramen...jealous?!?
     Anyway, this week we have been teaching a lot of people about Metas (Goals) because we know that this is the beginning of the new year and a perfect time to change things that have been left unchanged for too long. I have realized over the years that if I make a TON of goals at the beginning of the year then I will never accomplish them. So if ya'll are making goals then only make 1 or 2 and focus on them before making more. Something that coming out on a mission has done for me is made me realize how much I need to improve. There is always something we can mejorar to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. And if we really are His followers then we should want to improve and apply His teachings in our lives. So for everyone this week, make your goals and follow through. I love you all!!! Have a great week! 
Hermana Eaves

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