Monday, February 22, 2016

Another week has come and gone... four days I will cumplir (don't know if there is a word for that in English...wait, yeah, I will COMPLETE) 6 MONTHS in the MISSION! How crazy is that?? Time is passing so fast and I know that it will only start passing faster!  These shoes have walked a lot of miles...... (Yes, we have the same shoes, ha!)

     So this week, a guy rode past us on a bike and shouted (as he rode by) "Hello babies! I love you! God bless you!" Now that's what I call a drive by...haha! 
     Also, we were on a trufi (definition: a big van with no seatbelts that stops when you stick out your hand to let you get on and stand in between 3 Cholitas as it careens down the road #noseatbelts) and we heard something metal fall off the outside of the trufi and clatter to the road. The driver stopped to go and grab this chunk of his trufi that had come off and we continued down the road...haha! #onyinBolivia
      Another trufi went over the median on the highway because he wanted to turn but there wasn't a road there. So he just decided that the median looked like a good place to turn. Haha. 
In case you are wondering what missionary work in Bolivia looks like... (I'm pretty sure that Cholita said she lived around here somewhere #noaddresses)
We went to do service and we both forgot our nametags, haha! We felt so weird without them. 
   Anyway, this week was CRAZY because it was elections in Bolivia and they were a BIG deal. There was some riots in La Paz where they burned stuff so our President told us that if we didn't have FIXED/SURE sitas on Friday or Saturday then we had to be at home. Friday we were at home for an hour and Saturday ALL of our sitas fell through so we were in casa a LOT. We also weren't allowed to contact people on the streets or knock doors. So that was crazy. Sunday was the day where everyone had to vote and President had us stay at home ALL DAY. We couldn't leave at all. So we slept,read scriptures, read the Liahona, got a little desperate and watched the District. By the end of the day we just felt tired and bored from being inside all day long. It was crazy. And we still don't even know the results of the election! 
     I saw something this week that made me very happy. We were riding in a trufi (wow, lots of trufi stories this week, lucky you guys) and I see this man ahead of the trufi on a bicycle (people just ride their bikes through the road here). He looked like he was picking something up off the road. We passed him and when I looked back I saw him place two little (alive) baby chicks in some bushes. He had saved them from being run over!!! Then he just continued on riding his bike. How nice though. Couldn't we all do a few more kind deeds throughout our days? There is someone out there that you will encounter during your day that needs a kind word or a smile or an act of service. It doesn't have to be big, it can be 30 seconds or less. But let us all be a little kinder this week. Just like it made me really happy to see a random Bolivian man pick up some chicks (haha) off the road, other people will be happy when we serve them or when they see us serving others. So do an act of service this week! It will be great! I love you all!
Hermana Eaves

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