Wednesday, February 17, 2016

No Letter this week!

We did not receive an email from Carlie this week but she did send some pictures with brief explanations.
In celebration of the "Carnivales" holiday, people were lining the streets with their guns and foam to spray/soak us.

In a trufi and at our apartment right after getting soaked!
I was mostly soaked, ha!  Everyone yelled "Gringas!  Mojenlas!"
Fried chicken heart (yup), sausage and a potato.
BBQ with our pensionista.  Janet's sister, Nadir, Michelle, Me, Hna Cicotte & Martin
What do you do when you have to stay inside all day.....?
of course!!!
We made a Valentine's present for President Hansen y Hermana Hansen!

Week 18 in Bolivia?!?.......SUCCESS!

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