Monday, February 1, 2016

We got robbed...

Hello everyone! 
We did not really get robbed. Well, tengo una historia...Hna. Cicotte and I were knocking doors back in a little alleyway(just to make this easier to visualize, most of Bolivia is little, muddy, unpaved alleyways that are really narrow. Also, all the doors are made of metal and painted different colors). So we were knocking on all the metal puertas and we find this one that has a bunch of barbed wire, broken glass bottles and a rams horn on top of it.  
 (to clarify, people here usually have an outer door that you have to knock on. They then leave their house to answer it.) Well, we decided to knock on it. So this Cholita answers and starts speaking in Quechua (the native language here). Luckily I know Quechua (really only 5 phrases) and so I ask her what her name is. She says "Sneada". She doesn't really know what we are saying but she wants us to come in and see her baby. So we enter this door and walk in and as we are walking towards the house my companion says, "Do you feel like we are doing something dangerous?" And I totally felt the Spirit super strong as a warning. So we stopped walking towards the house and instead offered to say a prayer with her outside. We said a super short prayer then turned to leave. She wanted to search in my bag so I pulled out a folleto and gave it to her. She wanted more and I was honestly a little scared of her so I gave her another one. Then she grabbed my companions Libro de Mormon (all this is in Spanish so she can't even read it anyway). We just decided to let her keep it and made a hasty escape. So in a way we were robbed of 2 folletos and a Libro de Mormon. We decided to not go back for our return appointment the next day...
     So I do not talk much about Spanish blunders but this week we had a few. Sometimes it is hard because Hna Cicotte and I are both gringas so our Spanish isn't day, a Cholita came up to us and said, "I lost my sister". Hna. Cicotte thought the Cholita meant I lost my sister like she Died. But the Cholita just lost her sister, her sister wasn't dead. Hna Cicotte told the Cholita that she would see her sister in heaven. When the Cholita walked away I was like, "Hna, her sister isn't dead, just LOST." Hna Cicotte was so embarrased. The next Spanish blunder was mine. So for some background. It is SOO hard to hear people on the phone here. First of all, there is not very good reception and second, the people are speaking a different language. So I called someone to let them know we would be late to a sita. Well apparently, I accidentally agreed to go to a party with her. Oops...we showed up at her house and then had to explain that we actually could NOT go to parties. Haha, funny. 
     Anyway, we do more here in Bolivia than knock on strangers doors and get robbed by scary Cholitas. We actually have some really cool people that we are teaching. First of all, we are teaching a couple named Ever y Norma. They have two little kids and really want to be baptized but they have to get married first. So we are working with them on that so that they can be baptized. They also really want to be SEALED in the temple for time and all eternity. I am so excited for that day, one year from now, when they will be SEALED in the temple and be an eternal family!!!! 
     Literally, we see so many miracles every week! This last two weeks I have been the one who has to know the area and lead us around. It has been really great and we are seeing a lot of progress and miracles. Whenever I take a wrong turn on accident (for example, get off the trufi too late or walk in the wrong dirrection) we end up finding someone awesome! For example, the other day we were on a trufi (and a bit of background on trufis-they are like buses but you have to yell "vamos a bajar" when you want to get off) and I accidentally got off late. So we went and had a lesson with a menos activo family and it was awesome! I know that Heavenly Father is leading us in this work. I know that there are angels (physical and unseen) helping us with this work. I love the gospel and the hope it brings for the people here in Bolivia. Life is hard here in Bolivia, people can't find jobs easily, they have hard times in their families and their living conditions are just HARD. But what we bring, the gospel of Jesus Christ, can bring them hope. It can lift them when they are sad. I am so grateful that I have the gospel and I am so happy to be here! I love you all!
Hermana Eaves

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