Monday, March 21, 2016

Another week has flown by!

Wow, another great HOT week in Bolivia! Summer is still going strong. 

Surprise!  Bolivia isn't actually a jungle, like I assumed before I got here.  Haha!  Bolivia has really pretty views.

Here's a funny story:
     We were getting out of a trufi and Hermana Cicotte couldn't open the door. An old Cholita lady behind us says, "Come papa, papa mote. Da fuerza." (It wasn't really correct Spanish but the translation is : "Eat potaotes and corn (a type of corn). They will make you strong.") Haha. Maybe instead of exercises in the morning I should just eat potatoes. Haha! 
      Some #onlyinBolivias:
          -They cut grass with an edger (mom, tell that to the boys whenever they complain about mowing the lawn)
         -This country is BYOTP-Bring Your Own Toilet Paper. If you ask to use someone's bathroom you had better have toilet paper in your bag because Bolivians don't like to share toilet paper. Haha! 
         -A marijuana shaped air freshener (no wonder that trufi smelled a little funny).
         -Bolivians celebrate a holiday called "Dia del Mar". It's where they all remember that the Chileans "stole their ocean" and talk bad about them. Fun. They also have a day where they celebrate all the dogs and tie bells around their necks. Good times.

Well, we cleaned a school.  These are all the members that showed up to help.  Haha!
One more funny story:
    My companion wrote me this note during church, "The guy behind us just pulled a hair off your shirt, looked at it in awe, played with it for a while then gave it to me." Hahahaha! The perks of being blonde in Bolivia. 
Some cool stuff happened and some frustrating stuff happened. 
     One really cool thing was that the man blessing the Sacrament in church began to cry. I was listening to him and just felt that I always take the Sacrament for granted. Could you imagine one week without the Sacrament's cleansing power? I can't. It is such a privilege to have time every week to remember the Savior and 
His Atonement. I hope all of you take time each day to think about the Savior and to try to live as He did. 
     The frustrating part of this week was that two recent converts (not any of the ones baptized when I was here) got offended by someone in the ward so they decided to not come to church anymore. Ugh! I am so sad for them because they have the gospel in their lives and they have all the blessings just waiting for them but they let a petty argument take the blessings. It also made me think about charity. Even if people treat us wrongly and say mean things about us, even when we have arguments, we still need to LOVE! Charity is the key word. If you have problems with someone then love them! If you feel like you can't love them then pray really hard and fast for Christ-like love. If we have love for others and choose to not be offended then we can change the world! 

Hermana Eaves
PS Happy Easter!!! Remember the reason for the season. Though the Easter bunny comes to bring you gifts remember that the greatest gift was the gift of God's Only Begotten Son! John 3:16

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