Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter, Women's Conference and Cambios=one crazy week

Hello everyone! 

     So this week was crazy! Hermana Cicotte and I were looking forward to the Women's Conference the whole week!!! On Saturday, we had to be in the mission home at 4 PM and Quillacollo (our area) is the farthest away so we left our house at 2:50, took a trufi and got there right on time. :) 
We had some games, like "Simon says" and watched a slideshow of our pictures. It was really fun. We then had REAL. MEXICAN. FOOD. You do NOT understand how AMAZING that is until you have eaten rice for 7 months. It was real Mexican food with real guacamole and salsa and beans and LETTUCE (which is ONLY allowed in the mission home) and CHEESE (not the goat cheese that the Cholita's make, actual CHEDDAR CHEESE). I ate three. They were that good. I managed to fit in some homemade Texas sheet cake. After being in Bolivia for 7 months I can eat like a dragon. :)
     Hna Cicotte saved my life. I almost was run over by a giant truck (you would think it would have stopped for a blonde girl crossing the road) but my companion pulled me out of the way. She's the best. 

     So we had a lesson with an elderly Cholita menos activa the other day. A conversation:
Cholita "Donde esta su pueblo?"
Me "Las Estados Unidos" 
Cholita "Que?"
ME "Un poquito mas arriba de Mexico" 
Cholita "Que?"
Me "Un poquito mas arriba de la Paz"
Cholita "ohhh"
Haha, you can Google translate that. La Paz is in Bolivia. Saying that the US "is a bit above La Paz" is sort of a lie but you gotta teach what the people understand and that Cholita understood La Paz. 
     One Menos Activo told us "I don't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon." We asked him if he was praying and he said "no". We asked him if he was reading the Book of Mormon and he said "No". And we asked him if he was coming to church, also "No". Well, of course he doesn't have a testimony. Testimonies are like treasures. We can't just sit around and hope they fall into our laps. Treasures take work and time. We need to WORK and FIGHT for testimonies. If anyone wants a testimony of the Book of Mormon then read it, pray and go to church. Your testimony will come as you act on your faith. 
People in Bolivia are very faithful. Pretty much everyone here believes in God. 
Instead of presents under the tree at Christmastime, they have nativity scenes. For Easter, there is no Easter bunny or plastic eggs. The humble Bolivian people remember Christ and His Atonement. This week we have been sharing the scripture 3 Nephi 11:14-15 ( It talks about how Christ, when he came to the people on the American continent, invited all of them to come unto Him and feel the marks so that they could know without doubt that He suffered and died for them. He loves us!! Isn't that amazing!!! I just want to be a missionary forever so that I can share that message with the world! He lives! And because He lives, we too will live again. It's amazing. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Hermana Eaves

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