Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Machetes y Mojadas


 So guess what???? BIANCA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!
Por fin!!! Apparently she has been through about 5 sets of missionaries and she finally was baptized! Man, it was a miracle. (To explain the heading, mojada means "Wet". Haha, because Bianca was wet.) Anyway, to explain how this all went down, Friday night at 8:30 was the programmed day and time for her Entrevista (Interview). (To be baptized into the church, a person needs to have an interview with our District Leader-a missionary-to assure that they are ready for baptism). Anyway, her interview was planned for that day. The Elders knew about it, we knew about it. The only problem was that Bianca did not know. And she was not answering her phone. We were trying to contact her all day, leaving notes at her cuarto, asking her sister's to call her. It was 7 PM and we still had not gotten ahold of her. We were up in a part of our area called Takata Norte and we were waiting for a trufi. We were planning to take a trufi to Bianca's cuarto to search her out. Two trufis passed by but they were full. We were getting tired of waiting and a little frustrated. Bianca called right as a trufi pulled up. Apparently she wasn't in her cuarto! She was going to her sister's house! So we said "Lo siento", closed the door of the trufi and went to her sisters house. We showed up right when she did. She told us she had left her phone in her cuarto and had just seen our missed calls. (This was 7:30 PM). Then she told us she had started working Sundays so she wasn't going to be able to come to church. PROBLEM? I think so. So we went into her sister's house and taught a great lesson about Dia De Reposo (I think that translates Keep the Sabbath Day Holy in English) and promised her many blessings if she kept the Sabbath Day Holy and stopped working. We said she could tell her boss that she would work one more week while the boss found other people to come in. She said she would. We headed to the Entrevista at 8 PM and she passed. So on Sunday we fasted for her to be able to tell her boss that she could only work that Sunday (yesterday) and no more. BUT GUESS WHAT? She came to church!!!! She walked in and we were so happy! It was AMAZING! She told her boss that she couldn't work Sundays and she came to church! AHH! Then she was baptized and so many people from the ward came! Man, it was amazing! She was nervous but she came out of the water so happy! It was a great day!
     Now to explain the other part of the subtitle: Machete. I chopped down a tree with a machete.
Yup. My first time chopping a tree down with a machete. For future reference, an axe would have been way easier. I think me and an Elder chopped at that tree with our machetes for 2 hours. But if anyone wants to get me a present when I come home next year I would be fine with a machete. They are very useful. The Cholitas here carry them around all the time. 
    Anyway, it was a great week! I love you all! 
Hermana Eaves

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