Monday, March 14, 2016

"My son is single...Can you marry a Bolivian?"

Hello, Hello. 
It's been a great week here in good 'ol Bolivia. I hope you are all doing well! 
     So this week went by SUPER fast. I am still in Villa Moderna, Quillacollo with Hna Cicotte (cambios are soon so we will see if I stay or not). Anyway, we have had some fun stories:
1. We were walking through Barrio Esmerelda and all of our citas had fallen through. We saw a guy carrying a table on his head (normal). He almost fell over so we offered our assistance. We helped him carry the table to his house. He let us in and gave us some Tampico Citrus Flavored juice (imagine the taste and color of Sunny D). And everytime we would stop drinking for more than 15 seconds to talk he would say "Sirvense, sirvense" ("Drink it, drink it"). I was like "Is he trying to drug us or something?" But really he just wanted us to finish fast so we could help him bring all the chairs for the table too. He was a strange man though. These are some of the things he said to us in the course of our "service":
     "My son is single...can you marry a Bolivian?" (If anyone is interested I will hook you up-for those of you who like crazy father-in-laws).
     "Do they have chica(a very strong alcohol made from corn) in the US? What about chicherias (bars)?" 
     "I don't drink alcohol." (See statement above and judge the truthfulness of that).
     "You are beautiful...I like girls." (This he said as he shook our hands. Yup, we aren't going back to our return appointment). 
Anyway, we also went and visited a Menos Activo yesterday. His name is Beto Adriazola and his son is our convert, Ander. Beto just doesn't come to church!!! So we were joking around with him and told him that the flood (it rained a TON when we were there and flooded his new exercise room-luckily no permanent damage) happened because he didn't come to church yesterday. He also had to go check on his sauna when it was raining and we told him "Watch out for lightning, God knows how to aim." Haha, hopefully he will come to church next week. 
Okay, one more funny story. Today Hna Cicotte and I were walking down the street and we saw a Hindu clothing store. We stopped and were like "A Hindu clothing store? In Bolivia?" We decided to go in and check it out. There was actually a member of the church working there. She was really nice. But her boss was a strange man that only spoke Italian. So he was just talking to us and we would nod like we understood. It was cool. 
I put on a crazy outfit with a headband and made us pancakes this morning. Hna Cicotte called me the "Domesticated Lamanite" 

We are getting creative with our dinner ideas (we only have 30 minutes so we have to eat fast).

Anyway, Bianca was confirmed yesterday. It was such a HAPPY day! I love Bianca! She was at the chapel before we even got there (rare) and looked so beautiful and radiant. She was confirmed and just so happy! Man, I love bringing these people the gospel. Even if I had only baptized one person on my mission it would have been worth it because that person would have the Spirit and the gospel and a faithful, happy, forever family. I love my mission. I love representing Jesus Christ everyday! I love the chances I have to change and teach and be taught! This is the best! I love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Eaves

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