Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A drunk man bought us popsicles

Yes, it is true. We were sitting on a curb talking to a lady named Rosa (more on that later) and he walked by, shook our hands, asked if we were married to Rosa's sons, left and then came back with popsicles. A little weird...But we were okay with it...free popsicles. 
     We contacted a lot this week. It was great fun! Like always, we contacted some strange people. We talked to this one guy in English. He had lived in the states for 24 years so he could speak pretty well. He knew all the swear words pretty well too. Haha.
     We talked to a lady at a park and she seemed pretty interested. After the lesson she pointed to a guy sitting on a bench a ways away and said "You should go talk to him!" Okay. We went over to talk to him and it turns out he was sitting there studying English for his class! How cool! Thank you lady at the park! He said he is going to come to our English class!  
     But we contacted really nice people too! We passed a woman named Rosa on the street. She was sitting on the curb and looked like she had been crying. We passed her then said "Should we talk to her?" We pretended to buy something in a tienda then went back to where she was and started talking to her. She told us she had four kids but two of them lived in Brazil (they are older). She said she misses them a lot. I shared Alma 7:11-13 with her (to read it online go here  https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/alma/7?lang=spa ) and told her that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love her a LOT and that Christ suffered all of her pain and sorrow. I don't think I have ever felt so much love for a person before. I didn't even know this lady named Rosa but I loved her and I wanted her to be happy! That is what I love about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It makes people happy! I am grateful to be here and teach people about happiness. 

Hermana Eaves

Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Week!

  Wow, it was another week of contacting. We had some funny and crazy and awkward experiences. We had contacted a lady named Carmen before and we went back for our sita. Well, we knocked the door and a lady walks up to the other side:
Through the closed door...
Carmen: "Who is it?"
Us: "The missionaries, we're looking for Carmen". 
*opens door*
Carmen: "Yes, what is it?"
Us: "Hola, we came by the other day but you were cooking..." 
Carmen interrupts: "Carmen isn't here".
We just looked at her like, You are totally Carmen and you are telling us that she isn't here. We then said "Okay, goodbye" and left Carmen, that isn't actually Carmen. 
   We knocked another door and the lady that answered said, "Sorry, I was just about to leave". We said, "Can we give you a folleto really fast?" She said, "Actually, my mom is a little sick, so no". We were like, umm, "Okay, goodbye then." We can't give her a folleto because her mom is sick? Usually people make up better excuses than that. Haha. 
     Some really cool things happened this semana. One happened in Consejo de Barrio yesterday (Ward council). Someone brough up the name of a member of the ward and said "This sister's grandchildren aren't coming because they don't have clothes or shoes to wear to church". Instantly the members that were in this meeting began offering assistance. About 5 people raised their hands and said things like "I have some clothes to give them" and "I could buy some shoes". It was amazing to see their charity and love for a member of the ward that they probably don't even know that well. I want to be like the humble people of Bolivia; willing to give up some of what I have for people who have less. 
     Hna King and I had a crazy experience this week. We had contacted a guy (we can call him Carlos) earlier that seemed pretty nice and went back to his house to teach him. He had invited his friend (he can be Juan Carlos for the story). Well we went in and talked for a bit but when we wanted to begin the lesson, Juan Carlos (who told us he had studied the Bible for 34 years) began completely attacking everything we believed. He attacked everything from the name of the pamphlet "The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" to Joseph Smith to missionaries. He would not stop talking so we just sat there in silence for about 30 minutes as he attacked everything. It was such a crazy experience though because the more he attacked Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, the more I felt the Spirit of God testifying to me that these things were true, that Jesus Christ really did restore His church through Joseph Smith and that the Book of Mormon really was another testament of Jesus Christ. I felt SOO STRONGLY that these things were true. Finally, he asked a question and gave us room to talk and I told him "If this was a question of knowledge of the Bible then I would loose. I am only 19 years old and I don't know a lot, but I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I know he was called to restore the church of Jesus Christ in it's fullness. I know that Jesus Christ came to the Americas and I have read every verse and every word of the Book of Mormon and I know it is true. I know that families can be together. I know that we lived with God before this life and I know we will live with Him again. I know these things because I have read and studied and prayed about them." He didn't really take me seriously, in fact he sort of laughed at me after I said that, but I do know without a doubt that what I said was true. I am happy that I know these things. I am glad to be a member of the restored church of Jesus Christ. Even when the Juan Carlos's of the world laugh at our testimonies, we MUST NOT stop bearing them. Anyway, that was my week! I hope you guys have a great one! Love you all! 
Hermana Eaves

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We knocked a LOT of doors this week! When I got to this area we had 6 investigators (3 of which we have since dropped because they lost interest). So we have been doing a lot of contacting, which means a LOT of sunscreen because in Bolivia we are still in summer (Sadly, I learned that summer lasts all year round here). Knocking doors is actually pretty fun. There is no other time in my life that I can knock on the doors of random strangers and talk about the gospel. We knocked one door and then Hna King says "Oh no, RUN!" and starts sprinting away. So we run around the corner (in skirts-picture it) and she told me that they knocked that door once and the people were REALLY MEAN. So we just door bell ditched a house. Also, we were knocking doors and accidentally knocked on the door or one of our 3 investigators. Haha, we just had a lesson with her. We knocked another door and the lady opened it about 3 inches and didn't say a word. She just glared at us. Haha, we were like, "Um, we wanted to give you a folleto (pamphlet)" and she stuck out her hand. She didn't say anything. So awkward. Then we mentioned that we do service and her whole countenance changed. She came out the door and was smiling and we planned a day to come back and do service in her garden. Honestly, she was probably thinking "SCORE. A free landscaping company." Haha. 
     We were talking to a 13 year old about the plan of salvation the other day and he asked about repentance. Then he says, "I don't have many sins, I just lie". Haha! 
     By the way, my typhoid only lasted one day. I think it was so mellow because I got the vaccine. Luckily. 

We played paintball today in our zone. And had a barbeque. It was fun.    
    Anyway, Bolivia is great. The mission is awesome! I love contacting. Even though our feet hurt and we are exhausted at the end of the day, it is more than worth it because people are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Have a great week! 

Hermana Eaves

Monday, April 4, 2016

New Area, Typhoid and Conference. Doesn't that sound exciting?

It's been another long week! I think that is because SOOO much has happened! It's all been so exciting. We had cambios on Martes. (Transfers on Tuesday) and I went to Alamos (the next zone over) with Hna King, from Idaho. She is so nice! 

The area is so different though! Whereas Quillacollo is all dust and cobblestone streets, Alamos is concrete and asphalt. Our apartment is sort of falling apart (as in cracks in the ceiling, the flooring is coming up and water leakages) but that's Bolivia. 

It's a big apartment and it has all that we need (except for a toilet seat). Haha.

 We need to find a bunch of new people to teach because they recently had a few baptisms so all the investigators are recent converts. But it is exciting to learn a new area and new people! 
     Also, this week, I did get Typhoid Fever. How? Well, probably from the outside of a fruit that had been washed off with dirty water or something. I did get the vaccine for Typhoid before my mission so I think that made this a lot more mild. 

On Friday, I woke up and was normal but during study time was suuuuper cold and shaking (from cold). Later, I took a tiny nap because I didn't feel too good. I woke up with a really high fever. Hna Hansen (mission president's wife) sent us to the Clinica, where they gave me a shot in my back to take down my fever (the 600 mg of Ibuprofen I took weren't doing it). Then they took my blood and I gave samples, all that fun stuff. Then they told me I had typhoid and I am taking 3 different pills now to handle it. It was so fun! I love typhoid! You can be happy and grateful in every circumstance! It actually hasn't been that bad. It was only bad on Friday. 
     GENERAL CONFERENCE! It was so cool! I always love General Conference! We watched it in English with the other missionaries in our zone that speak English. 

Some of my favorite talks were:
     Women's Conference: Linda K. Burton. I liked her question "What comes next for willing hands to do?" 
     Saturday Afternoon: Mervyn B. Arnold "GO TO THE RESCUE!" I love this because sometimes we, as missionaries, feel like we are going to rescue the menos activos all by ourselves. We need your help!
     Saturday Morning: Thomas S. Monson (I always love his talks)
                                Dieter F. Uchtdorf     I love the stories he shares and that he speaks from his heart. :)"Obedience is the process by which we discover what we are really made of." 
Anyway, it was a great week! Go back and watch conference! lds.org I love you all! 
Love, Hermana Eaves