Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We knocked a LOT of doors this week! When I got to this area we had 6 investigators (3 of which we have since dropped because they lost interest). So we have been doing a lot of contacting, which means a LOT of sunscreen because in Bolivia we are still in summer (Sadly, I learned that summer lasts all year round here). Knocking doors is actually pretty fun. There is no other time in my life that I can knock on the doors of random strangers and talk about the gospel. We knocked one door and then Hna King says "Oh no, RUN!" and starts sprinting away. So we run around the corner (in skirts-picture it) and she told me that they knocked that door once and the people were REALLY MEAN. So we just door bell ditched a house. Also, we were knocking doors and accidentally knocked on the door or one of our 3 investigators. Haha, we just had a lesson with her. We knocked another door and the lady opened it about 3 inches and didn't say a word. She just glared at us. Haha, we were like, "Um, we wanted to give you a folleto (pamphlet)" and she stuck out her hand. She didn't say anything. So awkward. Then we mentioned that we do service and her whole countenance changed. She came out the door and was smiling and we planned a day to come back and do service in her garden. Honestly, she was probably thinking "SCORE. A free landscaping company." Haha. 
     We were talking to a 13 year old about the plan of salvation the other day and he asked about repentance. Then he says, "I don't have many sins, I just lie". Haha! 
     By the way, my typhoid only lasted one day. I think it was so mellow because I got the vaccine. Luckily. 

We played paintball today in our zone. And had a barbeque. It was fun.    
    Anyway, Bolivia is great. The mission is awesome! I love contacting. Even though our feet hurt and we are exhausted at the end of the day, it is more than worth it because people are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Have a great week! 

Hermana Eaves

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