Monday, April 4, 2016

New Area, Typhoid and Conference. Doesn't that sound exciting?

It's been another long week! I think that is because SOOO much has happened! It's all been so exciting. We had cambios on Martes. (Transfers on Tuesday) and I went to Alamos (the next zone over) with Hna King, from Idaho. She is so nice! 

The area is so different though! Whereas Quillacollo is all dust and cobblestone streets, Alamos is concrete and asphalt. Our apartment is sort of falling apart (as in cracks in the ceiling, the flooring is coming up and water leakages) but that's Bolivia. 

It's a big apartment and it has all that we need (except for a toilet seat). Haha.

 We need to find a bunch of new people to teach because they recently had a few baptisms so all the investigators are recent converts. But it is exciting to learn a new area and new people! 
     Also, this week, I did get Typhoid Fever. How? Well, probably from the outside of a fruit that had been washed off with dirty water or something. I did get the vaccine for Typhoid before my mission so I think that made this a lot more mild. 

On Friday, I woke up and was normal but during study time was suuuuper cold and shaking (from cold). Later, I took a tiny nap because I didn't feel too good. I woke up with a really high fever. Hna Hansen (mission president's wife) sent us to the Clinica, where they gave me a shot in my back to take down my fever (the 600 mg of Ibuprofen I took weren't doing it). Then they took my blood and I gave samples, all that fun stuff. Then they told me I had typhoid and I am taking 3 different pills now to handle it. It was so fun! I love typhoid! You can be happy and grateful in every circumstance! It actually hasn't been that bad. It was only bad on Friday. 
     GENERAL CONFERENCE! It was so cool! I always love General Conference! We watched it in English with the other missionaries in our zone that speak English. 

Some of my favorite talks were:
     Women's Conference: Linda K. Burton. I liked her question "What comes next for willing hands to do?" 
     Saturday Afternoon: Mervyn B. Arnold "GO TO THE RESCUE!" I love this because sometimes we, as missionaries, feel like we are going to rescue the menos activos all by ourselves. We need your help!
     Saturday Morning: Thomas S. Monson (I always love his talks)
                                Dieter F. Uchtdorf     I love the stories he shares and that he speaks from his heart. :)"Obedience is the process by which we discover what we are really made of." 
Anyway, it was a great week! Go back and watch conference! I love you all! 
Love, Hermana Eaves

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