Monday, May 16, 2016

"It's a beautiful day in Bolivia" -Cholito Roberts

¡Hola a todos! ¿Como estan?

So we had cambios this last Sunday and my companion, Hna King, went to Sucre! Where I was born in the mission! I am happy for her! And I finally have a latina companion! Her name is Hna Gutierrez and she is so nice! She is a really hard worker too! 
So just a funny Spanish mistake I made. In a lesson, a lady asked us if we wanted to go to war and I, thinking she meant "Is there going to be a war (like it says in Revelations in the Bible"), enthusiastically nodded my head yes. Haha! She was rather angered by the fact that I wanted to go to war and when I realized what she had actually asked I had to explain that I had heard the question wrong and that I actually did not want to go to war...haha! 
     A funny conversation that we had while searching for a referral:
Me- "Hello, we are looking for someone named Maria. Someone told us she sells fruit here on this corner (they were selling fruit)." 
The lady- "Nope, we don't know anyone by that name". 
My companion- "Well, we are missionaries and we would like to talk to you about the gospel.  What is your name?"
The lady- "Umm...Delia". 
Us- "Mmhmm, okay." 
She then gave us a fake phone number and a fake address. Haha. Bolivians.

We found cows this week!  
     Something cool about Latin countries is that it isn't offensive to say that someone is fat. Literally, all the time, people will say "Oh, she's a gordita (fat)" to describe someone. For example, if I wanted to describe someone in the ward I could say, "La alta gordita" (the tall overweight woman) and it isn't even offensive! Isn't that great! Latinos are the best! So if someone tells you "You look fatter than you were before" it's not offensive. You just agree and laugh about it. I love that. 

     Anyway, this week I have felt a great love for the Book of Mormon. I know that it is truly another witness of Jesus Christ because I have read it and as I continue to read I feel my testimony of Christ grow stronger. I know that studying both the Bible and the Book of Mormon will help us to grow closer to Christ. This week I read in Alma 24 (you can read it here: ) about a people that lived in the Americas before Christ came to the earth. They were so converted to the gospel that they were willing to die for what they believed. I think that story is amazing! I really want to keep growing my testimony until I have that kind of faith! Anyway, I love you all! Have a great week! 
Hermana Eaves

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