Monday, May 9, 2016

The rats effects still linger.....

So the rat left us lots of surprises (poop, half eaten candy, holes in bags) and this week we have been finding them all. Hna King and I were waiting for a member one day and Hna King pulls out a candy from her bag and offers it to me. We both look at it at the same time (she had pulled it out without looking at it) and it had a huge chunk missing from the wrapper and a chunk of the candy missing too. Haha. We almost died laughing. She ended up eating it anyway. #dontjudge #wegetdesperate Also, today I pulled my bag of popcorn off the shelf and popcorn kernels went everywhere. Haha, evil rat. 
    Here are some pictures of my zone after futbol.

     We also almost got pooped on by a bird. We knocked on a door and were waiting for someone to open it so we could contact them and I felt something wet splash onto my foot. I looked down to see a fresh bird poo an inch from my shoe. Luckily, it missed. 

My district in Alamos before cambios.
     We were talking about weaknesses this week and I really liked what someone said. One Elder said that "Through our weaknesses we can do great things." I like it better in Spanish "Por medio de una debilidad, se puede realizar cosas grandes." So if you have weaknesses, don't get down on yourself. Just be humble, ask God for help and continue trying to improve every day! We can improve, that is the hope we have through the Atonement of Christ. Christ suffered for everything and He knows our weaknesses. We just have to trust in Him and move forward. 
Me, with a member, Luciana, in the area of the capacitadores.
This is Camilo and I.  He reminds me of Matix so much.  I love him.
Me and Luciana.
     Also, I just want to tell you all about a miracle that happened. One day we contacted a lady who was selling fruit on a street corner. She ended up not being very interested so we went on our way. As we left, I saw a boy sitting on the corner smoking with his friends. He had tattoos and looked rather intimidating but I had a feeling that we should contact him. I ignored it though and we continued on. I could not get him out of my head the whole day though. That night I prayed and told Heavenly Father that if He would give me another chance, then I would talk to that boy. Now fast forward 5 weeks. My companion and I were going to a sita and I saw him sitting on a curb. We walked past him and I felt the Spirit telling me that I needed to talk to him. We knocked on the door of a member but the Spirit was so strong that I told Hna King "We need to go talk to him". We told the member that we would be back and we ran to him, gave him a folleto, talked a little and planned a day to meet him. His name is Rodrigo and he is really cool. I know that we can see miracles in our lives but we need to act when the time comes! Keep on sharing the gospel with everyone! I love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Eaves

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