Monday, June 6, 2016


Sister Hansen and I at a Mother's Day activity.

So this has been a great week! I have put off writing this email because I never know what to say, haha! Anyway, we had a very interesting lesson this week with an abuelo. He started off the lesson talking about how he had diarrhea (a common topic here in Bolivia-but not a common way to start lessons). Then he talked about how males have Adam's apples because Adam ate an apple (the forbidden fruit) in the garden of Eden. Sounds pretty reasonable. He then told us a story about how he was camping and he went out into the woods to go to the bathroom and while he was doing his business he saw a dark shadow that he told us was Satan. He told us that he hit the shadow with his hand and it electrocuted him. Hmm. But he came to church! So we were happy about that. 

     This week I learned a lot about having love for others. My companion has love for everyone! She is practicing her English and the other day she told me "I love you! Much much much!" She is the best. She has taught me so much about offering service to others and being excited about everything! I love that about her! We are excited and happy when we talk to people and we offer service. If you ever want to be a missionary then just serve others. You will say more by your example than by anything you say. I love you all! Have a great week! 

Hermana Eaves

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