Monday, June 13, 2016

Service with a smile in a skirt with sweat dripping down your back

     So this week we tried out a few different methods to try and find new people. One of them was service...In Preach My Gospel (our manual), there is a picture of two flawless sister missionaries helping an old lady with her groceries. Service, right? No. Service in Bolivia does not look like that. 
This week we helped a man move a bunch of rocks  from one pile to another. It was super hot outside and we were in our skirts, of course. Hence the subject "Service with a smile in a skirt with sweat dripping down your back". We later found out that he was 63 years old. And moving heavier rocks than us...haha! More pushups in the morning?

     I don't know if I have told you guys this yet but here in Bolivia it isn't rude to ask someone's age and it isn't rude to call people "fat". Pretty cool. I also learned that Bolivians who don't vote have to either pay a fine or spend 8 hours in prison. Haha! Can you imagine? 
Washing laundry!!!
     So this week was sort of hard. We are nearing the end of the cambio (transfer) and almost all of our investigators have stopped progressing so we are back to contacting. But we have had success with the Menos Activos (less actives). A rescate is when a menos activo (MA) goes to church at least 3 times (all 3 hours), recieves all the lessons we give and has an interview with the Bishop and this week we had one! Her name is Cleofe Terceras and she is so great! She became MA after her husband died in an accident but she wanted to come back, she just didn't know how. But now she is coming to church and she is happy! She is going to be sealed to her husband probably next month!!!! Woohoo! I love helping people come back to church. 
     We are working with another family that is Menos Activo. It is a HUGE family. We went last night and the mom was crying because of all the trials they are going through. It makes me so sad sometimes when people talk to us about their trials because life is hard here in Bolivia. People here really pass through a lot of hard stuff. I am really excited to help them though. There are sooooo many little kids in this family and I want them all to come to church!!! :) But life here is great. I am learning so many things and I really love to teach the gospel to everyone! I hope you all have a great week and go out to help someone in need! Love you!!!

Hermana Eaves

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