Monday, June 20, 2016

Walking to Tupiza...

This week was pretty crazy. I have the best story ever though for
cambios. This Friday, in Zona Alamos, Area Alamos, Cochabamba,
Hermana Gutierrez and I had just left the apartment to go to a lesson
and what do you know we get a call from the Zone Leaders. I answered
it and our zone leader, Elder Rivera says "I have your cambios
(transfers)." I thought he was joking because we weren't supposed to
receive cambios until Sunday night. He kept telling me that he wasn't
joking. I finally believed him and he said, "We are going to close
your area in Alamos and you are going to go to Tupiza to be in a trio
with Hermana Lopardo and Hermana Goff." What? He then told my
companion where she was going to go. We were both standing on the side
of the road in shock. Then he said, "Hermana Eaves, you have to be at
the airport tomorrow at 8 in the morning." What?? So we rushed home
and started to pack up all of our stuff. 

We were pretty sad that they
were going to close our area because we had just started to see people
coming to church and progressing and wanting to be baptized. So we
went around and said goodbye to everyone. It was pretty sad.

     At 8 AM the next day we were at the airport. I said bye to Hna
Gutierrez (I'm going to miss her!) and went through security with
Hermana Chambi, Elder Anderson and Elder Willden, who were also going
to Tupiza. Security took away my fork but didn't say a thing about my
2 bottles of water...We went on the 30 minute flight to Sucre and
arrived at 10:30 AM. Hermana Chambi and I went with the capacitadora
in Sucre. The capacitadora assigned me to contact with a member. So I
just wandered the streets of Sucre with this member knocking doors and
talking to people for a couple hours. Haha. We then went to a baptism
with the capacitadora. After the baptism we went to the Bus Terminal
where we got on a bus (it is an 8 hour bus ride to Tupiza). The people
in charge of the bus said that there was a blockade in a tiny town
called Cotagaita. We were supposed to pass through this town to get to
Tupiza. The people in charge told us that the bus was going to go
around Cotagaita and that we would arrive in Tupiza at 6 AM instead of
4AM (so a 10 hour bus ride). Well...this is what I wrote in my

8:37 PM Left the terminal in the bus. Finally en camino a Tupiza!!
12 AM The bus driver just started playing the loudest Cholita music.
Sleep? I think not.

4:20 AM Arrived at a blockade. What? I thought we were supposed to go
around it? There are about 5 trufis in front of us and a bunch are
lining up behind us.
5 AM Hermana Chambi and I left the bus to go to the bathroom (there is
no bathroom in the bus). We only had to climb a little bit up the
mountain to find a nice bush. Then we came back to the bus. We are
still in a blockade. We might be here forever. A lady just came on the
bus saying that her son was in this same blockade for two days...
7 AM We just woke up. We are still in the bus in the blockade. IT IS
FREEZING. I have never been so cold in my life. The bus doesn't have
any type of heating system...I haven't been able to feel my feet since
4 AM Hermana Chambi and I are using my towels (I forgot to pack them
in my suitcases luckily so I shoved them in my pillowcase) to keep warm.

8 AM I think we will be walking to Tupiza.

The people on the bus told us that Cotagaita was about 30 minutes away
walking and that we could find a trufi there. So we took out our
suitcases, put on our warmest jackets and started walking.
Back to my journal...

9 AM After dragging our suitcases over the blockade (big rocks, cactus
and a giant dirt pile that the Bolivians put up to block the trufis)
for an hour we stopped to take a break. Elder Anderson broke out his
Starburst Jelly Beans and we ate them for breakfast. It's Sunday so we
can't buy anything to eat plus we are on a road in the middle of
nowhere. Still can't see Cotagaita.

10 AM We arrive in Cotagaita. It turns out that we walked 2 Kilometers
(only a mile) with our suitcases. It felt so much longer than a mile!
And every Cholita that passed us just laughed at us. Anyway, Cotagaita
is the tiniest little Bolivian town. Only Cholitas and drunk men live
here. Haha.
12 PM Hermana Chambi and I have been sitting with our luggage for two
hours. The Elders have been searching for a trufi to take us to Tupiza
(still an hour and a half away). We don't have a cell phone so nobody
knows where we are at right now. Haha! We are literally in the middle
of nowhere in Bolivia with all of our suitcases and NOBODY knows where
we are. Haha. Plus we have no food.
12:15 PM The Elders found a "Rapidito" (like a minivan) to take us to
Tupiza. We just loaded up all of our stuff and are in camina a Tupiza!
We have to take a bunch of back roads to get around two more
blockades. We are literally crossing a river right a the middle of Bolivia.
1:30 PM WE FINALLY GET TO TUPIZA! It's a miracle!!!!

Anyway, that was our journey. Airplane, flota, walk 2 KMs, Rapidito,
Tupiza. We were all so exhausted when we arrived. And it's so cold
here!!!! Way different than Cochabamba!  But I am safe and here and in
a TRIO! Hermana Lopardo is from Argentina. She's really nice. And
Hermana Goff is from Utah, she came to Bolivia with me and was
actually in my group in the CCM. I hope you all have a good week! I
love you all!
Hermana Eaves

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