Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Never thought I would be a Seminary teacher...

Hello everyone!
I'm back after another cold week in Bolivia! So as you can see in the
subject, I am a seminary teacher (with my companions). We are in a
rama and since there are not many members we have received the calling
of seminary teachers. It's actually really fun! We are teaching the
Old Testament from the Bible.
     Just to tell you a little bit more about Tupiza...It's a little
city in the middle of the mountains and it is SO pretty! There are
giant red, black and white mountains surrounding the whole time. There
is a river (right now it is a stream because it isn't the rainy
season) surrounding the city and the streets are small. We take a
trufi 30 minutes to get to a little pueblo called Charaja where we
have investigators and Menos Activos. The people here are really
friendly, even the drunks stop and talk to us sometimes. ;) I got a
picture of one this week...
     We have some great investigators. We are teaching a little girl
named Tiffies. She is 11 years old and is Menos Activa. She has a
cousin that's 9 years old who's name is Franklin. The other day we had
a lesson with them and Tiffies told us that she wasn't able to come to
church because she had something in her school (they always have stuff
on Sundays). We finished the lesson and were walking away when
Franklin came running after us and says "Hermanas, can you come and
pick me up so that I can come to church on Sunday?" Awww...He is the
best! After church he came up to me and was like "When you guys come
on Wednesday can you help me to have faith in God?" My heart! We are
working with lots of great people! I am so glad to be here and am
excited to continue working with the people in Tupiza! Love you all!
Have a great week!
Hermana Eaves

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