Monday, July 11, 2016

Viruses, drunks, bad cholita food and washing mountains of ropa

  So as you can see in the subject, lots has happened this week. My
camera got a virus that hid all my photos (luckily it just hid them
and didn't erase them). The guy who prints photos showed me how to fix
it though so I think I can unhide my pictures. Haha! In Tupiza there
are lots of drunks, which makes for lots of good stories, ha! We were
walking down the road and there was a drunk guy standing on the
sidewalk and as we got closer he looked at us and then stumbled away
like he had been shoved. We were just looking at him like, "Umm,
what's he doing?" He was just staring at us like we had been the
ones to push him, haha! We passed him and he returned to his original
spot. We joked that one of the angels with us had given him a shove,
  And just some advice when you come to Bolivia, DON'T EAT FOOD FROM
CHOLITAS. Haha! Unfortunately we didn't have a choice because the
Cholita was a member who gets offended super easily. So we ate her
food and let's just say that we ran out of toilet paper really
fast...Welcome to Bolivia.

We helped 3 different people wash their clothes this week, and
they all by hand. We are pretty much pro's now. Need to wash
your clothes by hand? Just call me up after the mission. It is so much
work. No wonder Bolivians have so much muscle in their arms.

  Anyway, I never want to leave Tupiza. I feel such love for the
people here and just want to help them all to be as happy as I am! I
know that the things we teach bless families. I really want to help
the people here to have happy families forever! I love the mission! I
love you all! Have a great week! Read the Book of Mormon!
Hermana Eaves

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