Monday, August 8, 2016

Bucket Showers and Bolivian Independence Day

Hello everyone!
I hope all is going well with you! It has been a great week! My new companion got here on Tuesday. Her name is Hermana Jara. She is from Lima, Peru and she has 14 months in the mission so she is almost done. And as you can see in the subject, we have been taking bucket showers. Why? It's because our shower is broken and doesn't make hot water. And the water here is FREEZING if it isn't heated. So we heat up water in pots and use cups to dump it over our heads. It's actually a great
adventure. :) Also, August 6th was Bolivian Independence Day! So we made three layer jello, red, yellow and green in honor of the Bolivian flag. We also wore Bolivian colors. :) It was great fun...but then we ended up contacting all day because everyone was partying. Haha! Also, a drunk guy came to our "Gospel Principles" class on Sunday. He shared his life story with us. It was so sad. I now understand why the prophets have counseled us not to drink. It really does ruin lives and families. :(
Also, this week we were able to talk to lots of people about baptism and promise lots of blessings! I love working with the people here in Tupiza! They are so great! I love telling people that their families can be together forever. Isn't it such a beautiful message? Families can last beyond the grave. When a brother or sister or aunt or father or someone passes away, it's not the end! It's just the
beginning to the rest of their lives! I love being able to teach people about the gospel. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hermana Eaves

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