Monday, August 15, 2016

So many great things!

For those of you who don't know...MY BROTHER, SUTTON, IS OFFICIALLY A MISSIONARY!!!!! He left to the MTC this week!!!!!!!
 Anyway, it was a great week! (They are all great weeks!) Some of the highlights are:
-My compi got the cotton part of a q tip stuck in her ear during companionship study, haha! I pulled it out with tweezers. #companionshipbonding #tanunidas (very unified in English)
-This conversation
Knock a door looking for someone named Caty (Kathy)
Dad opens door and we ask for Caty. His response "There's not anyonenamed Caty that lives here". (we knew he was lying because we had found Caty in this house the day before). His little son comes out and yells "Yeah! Papa, Caty lives here!"  The dad gets all flustered and is like "Oh, yeah, Caty does live here
but she's busy".  People often lie to the missionaries. But this time the truth came "from the mouth of a babe". :)
-I ALMOST got bit by a dog because it was barking at us and my compi threw a rock at it and it came for ME!!!! My compi was hiding behind me and it literally almost bit me. But it didn't. 
Missionaries=1, dog=0

Anyway, it was a great week but our investigators who had a date fortheir baptism (they were going to be baptized this Saturday that is coming up) fell through because they didn't come to church this week. :( I was sad for them but I know that they will be baptized soon. They are a family-Gladys, Daniel, Jose and Alex Martinez. I'm sad for them because I know that this is one of the best decisions they will make in their lives. They will be so much happier and unified after their baptism. Of course they will still have problems and trials but the miracle of the gospel is that they will be able to overcome their problems through faith in Christ and a knowledge that their family can be eternal! I am so grateful for this knowledge that I have and I am thankful that my brother is now sharing this knowledge with others.
Have a great week!

Hermana Eaves

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