Monday, September 12, 2016


Hello everyone!

I hope your week has been great! Mine has! Sooo....we received calls for cambios last night and....Hermana Jara is going back to Cochabamba and I AM GOING TO STAY HERE IN TUPIZA! AHH! I am so happy because I didn't want to leave!!! Also, I am now a Capacitadora (Sister Training Leader). This means that I am in charge of other sisters in my mission and that once every transfer I will have exchanges with them. I was not expecting this at all! So now my new companion and I are in charge of the other two sisters in Tupiza. My new companion is Hermana
Bisama. She was my sister training leader these last 3 months and will come and we will be the capacitadoras here. Today at 6 PM I am going to go to Potosi and pick her up-we can't be alone. :) I was not expecting this though! I am so excited to have intercambios with the other hermanas!
     Anyway, a dog peed on my foot this week...DURING a lesson. Right? That dog will see me again on judgement day. Also, I lost my voice today and can only whisper. Everyone looks at me like they think I am telling secrets. Haha! Also, I went to church with a sock bun on my head and one of the members was like "You have a tamale on your head!" I laughed pretty hard. Bolivians don't see very many sock buns...
     It was a great week and it passed by flying! We worked hard in the blazing sun and found new people who want to hear the amazingly wonderful message of the gospel! I know that Jesus Christ came to this earth to live and die and resurrect for us. I know that we are sons and daughters of Heavenly Father and I LOVE to tell people that because lots of the time they don't even understand what that means! I love helping people to feel the Spirit! It is one of the best feelings in the world! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Give the missionaries some references!!!

Hermana Eaves

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