Monday, September 19, 2016

Me da flojera escribirles...

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a great week! This week we had cambios! Monday night I took a 7 hour ride in a flota (looks like one of those big tour buses) to pick up my companion from Potosi. Her name is Hermana Bisama and she is from Santiago, Chile. Then Tuesday morning I took a rapidito (looks like a minivan) back to Tupiza. It was a lot of traveling but it was cool!
     This week we contacted someone in the street and we were like "Where do you live?" to go and visit her. She was like "Ummm...this street" (it was a huge street). We replied, "Oh yeah, in what part?" And she replied "Straight". Ummm...we aren't going to be finding her house any time soon.
     We are trying to find a new apartment (we have some problems where we live right now). We have been looking since August and we haven't found ANYTHING that works. We were looking for a long time one day and decided to pray. We prayed and then went to a street corner and were like "Where does the Spirit want us to go?" My companion felt like we should go back down the street and as we were walking I felt like we should ask at a certain tienda. We went and asked and GUESS WHAT? We didn't find an apartment but...we found a family! The dad is a less active and his wife isn't a member. They are so great and I really think they will be able to progress. Sadly, they live in the area of the Elders but it was so cool that the Spirit led us to them. I remembered a quote "You can have what you want or you can have something better." We wanted to find an apartment but we ended up finding something better...A FAMILY! Anyway, I love being a missionary
and I hope you all have a great week!
I love you!
Hermana Eaves

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