Monday, October 10, 2016

Another Amazing Week!

Hello everyone!
It's been another AMAZING (although hot) week here in good 'ol Tupiza Bolivia. Tupiza truly is a wonderful, beautiful place! The members here are so good and pure, even though they pass through some of the hardest trials. The people here are so humble and we are seeing lots of progress! We have many investigators that are beginning to learn and to desire to make sacred covenants with Heavenly Father. I love seeing people change and progress and become who God wants them to be.
     Anyway, yesterday we had a Family Home Evening with the Branch President and his family and another family of recent converts. It was a super great noche de hogar. The family of recent converts are having a really hard time in their marriage and with work. They are struggling a little. So the Branch President and his wife gave a great lesson on how to overcome anger and what to do to combat the anger we sometimes feel in our families. All went well until the Branch President's little son bit President SUPER hard on the finger. President shrieked like a little girl and gestured for his wife (who was giving her part of the lesson) to help him. She just looked at him like "What is your finger doing in our son's mouth?" Haha! It was super funny!
    Anyway, many people sent me letters this week that were full of wonderfull messages. One of those said, "the thought came that if the Church wasn’t true, Satan wouldn’t work so hard to oppose it.  The fact that there is opposition to the Church is evidence of the fact that the Church is true.  Satan would not waste his time and effort fighting against something that is false.  His efforts are laser focused on opposing and leading people away from truth.  So, when we encounter opposition from the adversary in our efforts to live and share the gospel, we can have increased confidence that we are actually doing what God wants us to do and that we are on His errand."  I LOVED that! Sometimes I feel like it is super hard to share the gospel or super hard to work and help the branch here in Tupiza. The problems sometimes seem so big and I am just so small! But I know that if it is hard to do the work of God, then it must be true. Satan would not fight against something that is already wrong. Saints have always had opposition and that's not going to change. We just need to CONTINUE FIRM IN THE FAITH! I love you guys! Be faithful! Have a great week!
Hermana Eaves

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