Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Almost Thanksgiving!

This was a great week and it just flew by! This week was SWEET! Just like every week in missionary work!
Some fun things! 
1. I saw a little boy that was carrying around a bunny in his backpack. A live bunny. Poor bunny was super smushed...
2. In Relief Society yesterday we were all sharing what we had learned and a woman gets up, shares a little bit and then finished with "Viva las mujeres!" (Live the Women! -It makes more sense in Spanish). Haha, how exciting.
3. Our zone leaders showed us this scripture 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. Nice...
4. In one lesson we were given a cup of juice, a cup of blackberry smoothie, two cups of hot chocolate and two sandwiches...We were rather full when we finished...
We had a baptism this week! Her name was Soledad Caro and she was sooo happy after her baptism. Before she was baptized, she was sad because her father didn't support her in her decision but afterwards she was so happy and she cried as she bore her testimony of the Savior. :)
Also, a miracle happened. We were walking up a mountain in our area and three huge dogs came out of a house and cornered us. They were super mad and barking like crazy. I was so scared and I was SURE that I was going to be bit...But luckily a little girl came out of nowhere and threw a tiny little rock (we were throwing big rocks and the dogs were not scared) and the dogs went away. Heavenly Father watches out for his missionaries! I love you guys! Have a wonderful week! Never forget that the Savior died so that you can all feel the happiness and peace of repentance and forgiveness. Be grateful for all the little miracles in your lives! I love you!
Hermana Eaves
Our boyfriend, Agusto :)

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