Monday, November 14, 2016

I bought a coconut!

Okay, I don't have much time to write (y me da flojera) so I decided to put lots of pics. :) We are the Hermanas Capacitdoras (Sister Training Leaders) in Siglo XX. That means that we do tons of intercambios (I don't know if that is splits or divisions...I think it is splits in English) with the other hermanas. Splits are when my companion and I seperate and go with the different companions in different areas so that we can help them or train them a little bit. This week we had 5 different intercambios. So I was with LOTS of Hnas. I will use the pics to tell the story.
Pic #1-2 TODAY WE BOUGHT COCONUTS AND DRANK THE JUICE WITH A STRAW! Didn't know that was a thing but here it is. 

Pic #3 I found the worlds largest bananas here in Bolivia's Mercado Campesino. They weighed a ton. 

Pic #3 Tuesday's intercambios with Hna Beltran. A member gave us the most rotten bananas and we tried to eat them...but ended up putting them in our bags. 

Pic #4 Wednesday with Hna Oliveros. Someone gave us a watermelon, which we lugged around for about 3 hours.

Pic #5 Thursday with Hna Morales in my old area, Villa Moderna! Note the cow in the background. 

Pic #6 Friday with Hna Silvano here in Siglo XX (my area). She is happy...just her face doesn't show it. Haha!

Pic #7 Saturday with Hna Vilchez here in Siglo XX. Up on the mountain. 

It was a great and tiring week. All the Hnas are sooo great and loving! I learned a lot more from them than they learned from me! Ha! Anyway, I love the gospel and I love the mission. Yesterday we walked all day and knocked doors and it was sooo hot but it is WORTH IT! I wouldn't ever want to do anything else. This is the best work in the world because we are bringing people closer to Christ! I love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Eaves

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