Monday, December 19, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like.....SUMMER???

Hello! Greetings from Bolivia!
     It has been a strange week as to the weather. It rained on Wednesday and we got soaked in 5 minutes. 
But the rest of the week has felt like the Sahara desert (is that a place or did I just make it up? Haha!) We climbed a mountain on Saturday and I think that we both got heat exhaustion because we couldn't even think during the next lesson. Haha! But I love Bolivia, weather and all!!!!
     So this week our recent convert that was baptized this last week, Saturnino,  didn't come to church because his throat (I think he has cancer but they aren't really sure) has been getting worse. When we go and visit him he talks in a whisper. Please pray for him and his family! The doctors told him that there are no more treatments that they can do but I know that prayers can help! 
     So funny story, we live in an apartment in the house of Elder Balderrama (an Area 70). Last night we were trying to figure out what we could eat for dinner (it was Sunday so we couldn't buy anything) and we found some coconut in our fridge. And you all know that when we eat coconut then that means we have to go and smash it against the big rock outside to open it. Well, we were just smashing away and laughing because this coconut would not open when Elder Balderrama comes outside. He came over and was like "What are you doing?" We told him we were breaking open our coconut for dinner. He picks up the coconut and feels it then tells us that it was too hard and that it probably wouldn't open. That sort of put a damper on our dinner plans until I picked up the coconut and chucked it as hard as I could at the rock. Well, it split right open and we went and ate it for dinner. I don't know if Elder Balderrama was impressed or a little frightened...haha! 
     I also saw a guy on a bike coming towards us and felt like I should give him a Christmas pass along card. Well, I tried and he just rode on by. I ran after him for a bit but his bike was faster than me. Haha! But the best part is that 5 minutes later he came back and accepted a card. Haha!! The Elders are going to go teach him.
     We are starting to find some great families here in Siglo XX! We have been talking to lots of people and sharing the beautiful Christmas message! It has been super great! I just love Christmas! I love that it is a time to remember our Savior, Jesus Christ! Never forget that HE is the Reason for the Season! He is the greatest Christmas gift we will ever recieve! I love you all! Have a wonderfully MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Hermana Eaves
Intercambios with Hermana Hoffman and Hermana Moquillaza
At the temple with a recent convert! There is a super cool Nativity scene!
Before we broke the coconuts open on a rock
We contacted a ton of people outside a big Christmas fair! We gave out folletos and Liahonas. It was soo cool! I think we talked to more than 600 people in 1.5 hours. 

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