Monday, December 5, 2016

Light The World this Christmas!!!!!

Hello and Merry Christmas to all (almost)
I am sooooo excited for Christmas!!!! When I was at home I was always excited for the presents and food and the time I would spend with my family. But this Christmas I am just soooo excited for the Spirit of Christmas! I know that the true JOY of Christmas comes when we serve one another and help other people to be happy. I LOVE this 25 day LIGHT THE WORLD project (If you haven't heard about it go to and see what it's about-it is SUPER AWESOME). I love that for 25 days we have the chance to light the world of other people. Isn't that amazing!!!??? For 25 days we have the chance to serve others like Christ served when He was here on earth. And the best part is that it doesn't just have to last 25 days!!!! We can keep doing acts of service forever!!!!! Isn't that the BEST? 
     Anyway, we got cambios (transfers) last night. I will be staying here and my companion, Hna Males, will be going to beautiful TUPIZA!!! How cool! I will be companions with Hermana Gutierrez for the SECOND TIME here in the mission!!! Hermana Gutierrez is sooo cool! I was with her for 6 weeks in Alamos and now will be with her again! It is going to be soo cool!
     Anyway, it has been a great week here in Bolivia! Keep up your service and your love for one another! Keep up your 25 days of service! Light the world one candle at a time! Love you all! 

Hermana Eaves
We decorated for Christmas!

We did service helping a cholita carry her wood.  
We talked with her about her sheep.  Luckily she spoke Spanish and not Quechua.

We got cocouts again from the Mercado Campesino. 
I got stuck in the mud.  It has been raining a lot here.

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