Monday, January 9, 2017

1 RAT down, probably 3 more to go...

So as you can see in the subtitle...WE KILLED A RAT THIS WEEK!

My companion and I are tired of having to keep all of our food in the fridge so that the rat won't eat it...we are tired of finding rat poop all over our desks and we set a trap (just a bucket of water) and we put it under the rat hole and one rat fell in one night and died. Success. 
The dead rat....your welcome.  We think there are more rats in our house though...we are pretty paranoid and are always going to the kitchen to check, haha! I am done with mice! They always eat my oats...

But it was an awesome week! It was so cool because we were able to take two converts to the temple! Soledad went and did the baptism and confirmation for her mom and Paola went for the first time even though she has been a convert for 9 months! It was so awesome! I loved seeing them do the ordinances for other people! 
It was also awesome because Hermano Saturnino (my convert who has cancer) received the Sacerdocio (Priesthood) yesterday after church! He is super sick and getting worse. Today he is starting Radiotherapia (I don't know what the translation is, it's like Chemotherapy) so we will see if it helps. 

But the mission is so awesome! I love being a missionary and helping people to know their Savior! I know that Heavenly Father loves us and answers our prayers! I love the Book of Mormon and know that it is true! Love you all!
Hermana Eaves

This is how they sell bananas;  In giant stacks.
We went to the temple with our zone.

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